Seattle City Council Democrats have put a bill up for a vote on today’s meeting agenda to end $4/hour pandemic hazard pay for grocery workers. If approved, it'll crush grocery workers. Luis Alvarez / GETTY



What is the deal with the different font sizes? I can't tell if that's just the usual sloppiness I expect from the Stranger, or some weird attempt at emphasis by Sawant.


Cut and pasted from some other material, methinks.


So many t-shirt slogans, so little time.

Comrade Bullhorn has come up with some new catch-phrases, hasn't she?


"Martin Luther King Jr. County Labor Council." Also known as the King County Labor Council. Did you remember near the end of the column that you were being paid by the word?


Grocery workers should earn hazard pay if for no other reason than they have to deal day in day out with assholes who don't think they should be paid more.

CM Sawant, I love that just the presence of your very name alone evokes so much rage in people. I wish I still lived in your district and could vote for you again.

Finally, I got a chuckle that this is tagged as "Guest Rant"



"Martin Luther King Jr. County Labor Council" is the official title of the body.


@6 It’s not rage Kshama evokes, but she emits used car salesman con artist like trump oozed. Sawant is a narcissist who jumps on any band wagon that she thinks will boost her ego. Almost all of her social media post are about herself and she turns any event about herself when you listen to her speeches. She doesn’t care about the workers or the cause.


Is there any point in time when our resident Phd economist thinks we should end the hazard pay? No, of course not. So its not really hazard pay in her mind as much as its a permanent bump in the minimum wage for grocery store employees. It's fine if you want to do that but then submit legislation and make that case instead of continually extending something that was set up for another purpose. This is just more lazy legislating by Sawant.

She goes on to bemoan the lack of a vote on rent control at the state level so I ask Kshama, where is your legislation on the matter? You have been promising for years now you were going to put forth something and yet time and time again there is nothing in your committee of substance. Instead of more empty promises when the election cycle starts up again next year why don't you actually do your job and produce something.


No more Coronavirus hazard pay!
It's time for Monkeypox hazard pay!


@9 "I ask Kshama, where is your legislation on the matter?"

I'm a little surprised this question isn't asked of her more often. You'd think by now she would have at least floated a draft so she could complain the legislature wasn't acting on this issue.


@7 And I'm sure every time someone addresses you, it is by your full first, middle and last names.




My name is not a title - well, technically is IS a title, but that's beside the point. When you refer to an organization or body do you just call it whatever you want, because you're too lazy to call it by what it's actually titled? Well, yes, you do of course, because you're a lazy sod who thinks wrdz n't mprtnt.


@13 Swastika still sticking to your hand despite your thrice-daily applications of lube?


meanwhilst Big Oil's
sucking the American Teat
dry as a bone & Profiteers're
recording Record Profiteerings

and we the peeps're
awarded Austerity
and jackboots
& there Goes
the Rent

FDR was Elected
FOUR Times

did they ever
figure out

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