Guest Rant Nov 21, 2022 at 9:00 am

Don’t Buy into Fearmongering from Council Conservatives

In the face of several crises, paying millions for vacant cop positions just to send "a signal" is bad budgeting. HK



Better to not buy into gaslighting from council "progressives".


@1 for a guy who votes no on school levies it seems idiotic to support giving money to a department that can’t use the money for said given use. Where’s your fiscal conservatism? Oh wait you are a fucking idiot of the 9th degree so this lines up with your crazed and totally fucking self hating and useless world view. Fucking moron.

Your response is the equivalent of the rubber glue hypothesis. I wouldn’t expect any less from a land child such as yourself.


*man. A level of proofreading the auto uncorrect that you deserve.


@2: Says the (what are you?) that raked SPS over the coals on multiple occasions (for good reasons I might add). Where is your fiscal conservatism?

So tiresome you hang your arguments on anarchists cliches like "department that can’t use the money for said given use" thinking that plausible bureaucracy adds credence to your drivel.


@2; He doesn't even understand the article, he may not have even read all of it, all he knows is, the Stranger wrote something about the police, and so he had a knee jerk reaction.


@2/5 raindrop understands and those of us who follow the council also understand exactly what they are doing. By making these cuts permanent and reallocating the funding when/if the SPD is able to start increasing staffing again they will need to come back to the council to obtain new funding to fill those positions. If the council has now taken the dollars allocated and given them to more of their useless programs what is the likelihood they are going to defund those programs and remit the dollars back to SPD or comes up with new funding. It's a TRUST issue and in matters related to public safety, I, raindrop and many others in the city don't believe a word that comes out of Mosqueda's mouth nor Herbold, Morales and to some extend Lewis and Strauss. Ironically I believe every word from Sawant because at least she doesn't hide her utter contempt for SPD.

The council is already reallocating these dollars for 2023 with the mayor's approval. The question is should that be made permanent and unequivocally the answer is no. If in 2024, SPD still hasn't filled those positions then reallocate the money again and so on in 2025 but by no means should the council be allowed to permanently reallocate those dollars and put SPD in a position where they will need to request new funding when the time comes.


“If cities didn’t remove those positions, then departments would be funded for vacancies they have no plan to fill while actual needs go unmet in the current budget.”

The fatal error in this analysis assumes the truth of the phrase, “no plan to fill.” In fact, the City does indeed “plan to fill” those positions in the SPD, but a nationwide shortage of police officers has made fulfilling those plans impossible for the upcoming year. So the budget retains these positions, because the City still “plan[s] to fill” them.

Once this error is recognized, the rest of the post is rendered meaningless, and thus can be safely ignored.


The far lefties are still very hurt that they didn't get to de-fund the police. Take the L, baby.


@6 - Indeed, Teresa Mosqueda is to public safety as Rick Scott is to social security.


Hilarious that the headline uses the word "fearmongering" right above the picture that perfectly illustrates what fearmongering looks like. This is the post-irony age.


^^ Hahaha. So you’re afraid of activists dressed as Ghostbusters?

Well. I hope you’re not afraid of skeletons. BECAUSE THERE IS ONE INSIDE YOU!



No, I'm afraid when muppets like you are given a crayon.


Hahaha. So now you’re afraid of muppets?!

I think we’ve located the problem. It’s you, Trollflake.

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