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A great example of the Progressive's Dilemma -- loves the idea of the proletariat, but despises every individual member of the proletariat that they encounter in real life: "OMG people talking loud about sports! Gross."


@1 nailed it


Dude Bros and Wee Girls are, by definition, in a socio-economic class decidedly above that of the Proletariat. The fact you can't discern such an obvious distinction just shows what clueless, self-entitled cockwombles you are.


While the light rail trains have less of a carbon footprint per passenger mile than commuter cars only a simpering dipshit would think that they are a carbon-free mode of transportation.


1) The villains in the anecdotes given are such commonly denigrated stereotypes that it makes me doubt the veracity of the anecdotes.

2) Leaving half of the escalator empty is stupid. If everyone would stand, more people could be moved at once. Try not to stare at my ass.


I wouldn't mind any of these things if people would just keep their damn masks on.


1 - There are inconsiderate assholes in all socioeconomic classes. How the hell is singling out a few assholes (what Anonymous did) become condemning the entire “proletariat”?
You either can’t let a good straw man opportunity pass you by or you’re projecting your own disdain for your “lessers”.


when 'progressive' is pejorative
conservative's gotta be fascist
the reich wing quite doesn't
yet own the Lingo -- just
Most of the means of

but they
want it All.


when 'progressive' is pejorative
conservative's gotta be fascist
the reich wing doesn't quite
yet own the Lingo -- just
Most of the means of

but they
want it All.

[Lovin' this new
edit feature!]


@1: Kinda insulting to assume that all the rude people are poor? Because lacking money means people lack basic decency and manners? Trust me, you can be rich and still be a loud asshole.


so True
the Richer
the LOUDER &
thee Most Entitled

with Busloads*
of Lawyers to shut
Your Ass up (or down).

*use Caution
when Boarding



well not
All of 'em


@5: That might be true if there is a huge mass of people attempting to use the escalator. But I haven't really seen that issue in Seattle.


@15, it’s true.

I’ve certainly seen crowds that would benefit from a standing-only standard, especially on the escalators at the light rail stations in Westlake, the U District, and Capitol Hill.


speaking of Progressives
and perjoratives:

Critics Says Biden Push
to Suspend Gas Tax Will Aid
Oil Companies, Not Consumers

Many economists
and progressive lawmakers
have criticized Biden’s proposal:

Congressmember Pramila Jayapal tweeted on Wednesday, “Gas tax holiday won’t make it down to consumers or stop the profiteering of oil & gas companies.

It also robs the Highway Trust Fund
of necessary infrastructure funds.

An excess-profits tax on oil companies
with a rebate to consumers
is a better solution.”

[ah, Prammy you been listening to me]

"While the price of gas has soared in recent months, oil and gas companies are making record profits, taking in over $41 billion during the first three months of the year."

the Profiteers're
Driving this Fucking
Inflation. let's do what
fucking Alaska did with Their
Oil -- nationalize it -- or take the
State's Cut. and dole it out to the
Citizenry -- fucking INSTEAD OF to
Big* Oil and their precious Shareholders.

I believe
We're fucking
Stakeholders as well.


"Try not to stare at my ass."

has this
Ever been

b. was it


@14, @16, simply untrue. Think for yourself and do the math. If everyone on the left of the escalator is allowed to move and pass those on the right, you will definitely move more people per minute than if everyone stood still.


Take the fucking stair instead of pushing past people on the escalator. Rude asshole. You probably need the exercise anyway

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