On my bike ride home from a 12-hour day, I stopped for one fucking moment on the Fremont Bridge. It was getting late in the evening, so it was just me perched hip-to-rail on the bridge. 

And then you, an absolute hipster, biked by and hurled a snide comment about the “stupidity” of my decision to stop on the bridge. 

Um, what? 

When I caught up to you and asked about your passive-aggressive comment, you literally rolled your eyes and said, “I know you’re a woman and think you can do whatever you want, but common sense says you don’t stop on the bridge.” This from a white man who literally just ran a red light on his bike while not wearing a helmet.

When I pointed out that there was no rule or sign telling people not to stop on the bridge, you again framed my decision to stop and watch a sunset as some kind of feminist statement, and then you continued to mock me for it. 

Here’s a statement for you: Next time you yell at someone while straddling your bike, be prepared for a top-tube division of your balls. 

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