I, Anonymous Aug 3, 2022 at 5:23 pm

Embrace Show-Talkers!

Steven Weissman

No shade (well, not too much shade), but that whole thing where you don't talk during a show, concert, theatre performance, dance, etc? I'll just come out and say it: how come whenever I get shushed at a venue it's always by a White Person?

I've found that this white, ableist idea of how to behave at live performances is super whack. Aren't we all gathered to enjoy each other's company AND the music? Are those two concepts mutually exclusive? Are we not allowed to engage with other people in the room, to make some noise with each other and the performers? Or are we to treat every performance as if it's the fucking opera? There's a reason no one likes going to the opera.

These stuffy ideas of how we're supposed to behave at the venue are archaic. It's all just a way to identify the so-called upper classes from the masses, and it's always been that way. We sit quietly at the opera because to make noise was to be in contempt of the Countess' Court. And we certainly don't make noise at church, unlike... well, you know. 

I'm tired of being told to sit on my hands and shut up at music venues, at the movie theatre, etc. If you'd like to be alone with no talking, then I'd suggest streaming the music in your room, alone, with the door shut!

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