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Not upper class from the masses, but the rude from the inconsiderate.

But I don't mind hearing quick and infrequent whispering, folks need to be reasonable.


Here's the deal - when you are in an audience, IT AIN'T ABOUT YOU! We pay to hear and see the performers, not you! If you call attention to yourself with your improvised offerings of speech or movement, you are imposing your lack of talent and courtesy on fellow audience members. I am speaking about venues where people are seated and there is a stage with performers. If the norm is to get up and dance at a concert, go for it. But don't sing along unless asked to. Don't fan yourself, text or otherwise do a damn thing that makes me aware of your selfish presence.


I have no words for this to adequately describe what an asshole IA is. Also IA, you made me agree with raindrop so you can seriously fuck off, kindly of course.


Yes, do sit on your hands and shut up.




My first thought was that this is some Proud Boy trying to foment some backlash, but prolly not. There is almost the exact same sentiment in an Atlantic article up now, titled "Why Do Rich People Love Quiet" by Xochitl Gonzalez.This IA might be fake, but the Atlantic article (editors, fact checkers, lawyers) definitely isn't. So anyway, this is out there.

Astonishingly tone deaf. Or maybe just deaf. Possibly a bit sociopathic. Definitely a boundary issue. Narcissism? Assholery for sure. Someone in the woke cloister framing themselves into absurdity? All of the above?

The reason I thought it was fake is that it just seems like a naked incitement of racism. C'mon you racist Whites, say something racist! Prove you're all a bunch of crackers!

I really hope this isn't the new "Defund the Police."

Anyway. Huh.


"white ableist"

JFC. Yes the only reason I don't want to hear you drunkenly trying to yell over the music to your dumbass friends is because I'm white and have complete control over my psychomotor skills. Nailed it.


The reason people don't talk at opera or live theater is because those events are generally not amplified. If people in the house are talking, nobody can hear the performance they paid to see, and the performers can't hear each other. Just a few loud-talkers and the whole thing becomes pointless and aggravating.

The reason music in bars is played at punishingly loud levels is because it is impossible to get audiences in those venues to shut up, so the sound techs just turn up the mains until they can't hear your inane drunken babble over the music.


I will never forget the time a girlfriend from work, who was African American, and I were going to go see a movie together. She lived in Federal Way, and I sort of pushed her to take me to her area. We were sort of dating. I was a Bellevue Bitch I guess. Back then. But I thought she was so fucking cool.

We went to see some dumb horror movie I don't even remember what it was. But I remember her telling me that, in her turf, people talked during the movie. Like a dummy, I didn't know what that meant, but I soon learned. Not only was I OK with it, I fucking loved it. I never laughed my guts out that much. After she seemed a little embarrassed or something, I told her how when I was a kid my stupid parents would sush us if we talked during stupid movies like the Wizard of Oz.

All I can say is, fuck it, talk all you want, just make it funny.


If people are telling you to hush is probably because your voice sounds like a dying hyena having babies with a chalkboard.


@paddy mac: I assumed that this was also a white person - it has strong overtones of "hate to break it to you, but you are also a bitch-ass white boy."

Also, anon, STFU. No one wants to hear what comes out of your dumb fat mouth, so keep it shut.


As I age my hearing is becoming less acute. I need to pay close attention to pick up the dialogue in a movie or play. I do not wish to hear audience members chatting.
So really why don’t you just be polite and courteous, and shut the fuck up?


It's not okay to talk over shows. Most small children can be taught this with relative ease, but it sounds like no one ever bothered with IA here. They sound like an asshole, and I hope they're not real.


This made me recall with great clarity the time I asked a couple of middle-aged African-American women to 'please be quiet' after they talked all through the previews of a movie, and exactly after the theater's own announcement of "please don't talk, text or make phonecalls during the movie." One of the women responded with such hatred and anger for having been told be be quiet that she began in earnest to argue with me, only for her friend/partner to try and hold her back. At the end of the movie, she snuck out to get some napkins and upon the credits rolling, she threw them at me, citing that they were for my 'tears.'
Dumbstruck at her reaction and ability to hold onto her anger, I asked her if she was serious.
I guess she was, because then she threatened to 'go outside' and 'settle things.' LOL

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