I, Anonymous Aug 31, 2022 at 10:56 am
Steven Weissman



Can y'all just promote Missed Connections and keep I,A to petty bitching, fictitious "justified responses", and the occasional decent entry where there's an appropriate righteous rant?



@1 Indeed, I miss Missed Connections as well as the personals and especially No, You Shut Up. The Stranger was a better paper then.


@1 I came to say the same thing. Bring back missed connections if you think we need to read this. Keep I A about trite petty whining. It is much in line with the ethic of this paper and the people of this city.


I’ve seen faintly-dyed leggings, but I suppose almost-dyed leggings are when you reconsider at the last moment


This is so clearly an “I Saw You” submission, the personal ad column so great it spawned a Presidents song. I agree with the other commenters; I anonymous is for gripes.


I'm your garlic man
tried to stop you while passing by

I'm your garlic man
tried to stop you while passing by

Traffic in Issaquah sucks
And I was denied


"We looked at each other
when you walked in, and
then I kinda looked away."

there was your mistake

also Craigslist

good Luck!


What is this crap? Which Stranger “journalist” wrote this tripe?

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