TV news producers must stop publishing vapid, clickbait stories suggesting that nefarious kingpins are slipping drugs into Halloween candy.

By no means am I condoning the use of fentanyl in non-medical settings, but can we please use our critical thinking skills for one moment before inciting yet another moral panic? 

Anyone who has ever purchased drugs of any kind knows how expensive they are. I cannot imagine a dealer so hard up for customers that he'd give away free pills to young Johnny while he’s trick-or-treating just to get him hooked. How is Johnny going to become a repeat customer? Even with inflation, no grade school kid has enough allowance to support a drug habit.

So, please, if you’re going to do pointless stories about Halloween, then can we get just some saccharine human interest pieces about the first “normal” holiday since the pandemic? Or maybe just some footage of kids in cute costumes at some local community center?

At this point, I’ll take anything to avoid more baseless copaganda.

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