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Steven Weissman



What you don't know about Tootsie Rolls COULD KILL YOU!


Everyone knows that Tootsie Rolls are a gateway candy to hard candy.


They've been wringing their hands over halloween candy since I was a wee one, and I'm old.

You know what I find depressing? I was down in the Federal Way/Auburn area, where there are oodles of churches for stupid people. Almost every on I passed was having a "trunk or treat" event where you go and get candy from Christian nutjobs in their parking lot. That's worse than trick or treating at a mall


The people who believe this don't necessarily think it's about dealers trying to drum up new business.

They think that drug users are sadists and would get joy out of having some random kid possibly die from the treat which turned out to be a trick.


It could be worse. My neighborhood had 2 dentists that handed out toothbrushes and a one religious nut that handed out Chick tracts.


little bird dear, if you are hiding under the bed because of the spectre of fentanyl laced candy, you shouldn't be a parent. Your children will either grow up to be as neurotic as you, or will disown you because of the damage you caused them.

Max darling, I have a feeling that you live far away from Seattle and just google things about the town, and then make things up for filler.

1) Anyone who has spent any time in Seattle knows that the University District has been a mess for at least half a century (I blame the University of Washington for that).

2) People being shot? If you are soiling your depends over the current state of Seattle, it's a good thing you weren't here in the 70's and 80's, when the town was much smaller, population-wise. You'd be in a constant state of collapse. Not only did we have more shootings, we had serial killers and a home-grown terrorist organization that was fond of robbing banks and blowing up Safeways. Also, no one had any money.

3) I'll just let that air quality thing slide, but I hope you stretched before attempting that particular leap of faith. A hernia is a horrible thing.


Max dear, I may be old, but trying to pass your hand-wringing off as sarcasm doesn't pass the smell test of even a senior citizen like me. Once you mentioned poo, I knew you were the real thing. You people live to find poo. I think it has something to do with the way Republican women approach toilet training.

If you can't afford Seattle or the thought of going to it gives you an anxiety erection, I'm truly sorry, But there's no reason to be bitter about it. Have you thought about Spokane? Ritzville? I bet you'd love in in Ritzville. They have a Les Schwab, and there's a museum in the old railroad depot.


little bird dear, your pious comment certainly made you sound like one of those "unless you have children, you have no idea" type of parent.

I have no children (that I know of, the 80's are a blur) but the annual paranoia about halloween candy belies the fact that the only instance of poison candy on record is one of a Texas father poisoning his child, whom he had taken a large life insurance policy on (he tried to kill all five kids with poison Pixie sticks, but only one kid ate the stick (that would have been me. I used to love Pixie Sticks. Fortunately, my parents were not homicidal maniacs, but maybe that's because we didn't live in Texas.)


This Cautionary Tales podcast deals with the urban myths about Halloween sadism: https://www.pushkin.fm/podcasts/cautionary-tales/the-halloween-poisoner
It deals with the incident CVD ^ speaks of.

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