It was raining, it was dark, and sometimes people don't see people in crosswalks. It happens even to the best of drivers. But you, a fucking dumbass, decided to barrel through a light and turn left onto Wall Street while my wife and I were in the crosswalk. Thankfully, my wife was able to see you and push me enough out of the way so I didn't need to roll onto your car hood. It startled enough to lose the keys I had in my hand. 
And what was your response to almost committing vehicular assault? Pointing to the *now* red crosswalk sign and responding, "It was red, dumbass!" Wrong. The crosswalk sign was on for us. And even if it wasn't, that wouldn't have mattered. You are in a car. I am a pedestrian walking in a crosswalk. If you had hit me, your mistaken belief that the crossing was "red" would not save you from your insurance or a judge. 

And besides, what the absolute fuck is wrong with you? Were you drinking and driving? Are you just not a good person? Maybe that explains why you decided to *not* show any sort of concern or empathy about almost hitting a person? To just drive away shouting "hoorah" at my wife and I?
The other witnesses who saw this all agreed you were a piece of shit. Again, not just for almost hitting me, but for being completely unaccountable. Grow up. 
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