Scenario: The author of last week’s I, Anonymous is crossing the street with a green light in their direction. A vehicle, turning left into their street and across their path, motions for them to continue. The author motions for them to go instead.
What the author does not seem to understand is that the driver of the car will then be BREAKING THE LAW. In the foregoing situation, the pedestrian has right-of-way and the driver MUST yield.  
I'm 71 years old, and I stay in shape by riding my bike. I stay safe by following the traffic laws and expecting all other vehicles and pedestrians to do the same. At 71, getting up and down off my bike seat is difficult, so I try to time my maneuvers at intersections to avoid doing so. 
If the author, crossing the street against my left turn, had motioned for me to go ahead, then I would have had the choice of doing their bidding and breaking the law (because pedestrians have right-of-way on a left turn), or (as frequently happens in my college town with idiot students) stopping, getting down from my bike seat (because I can only teeter for so long), waiting in the middle of the intersection hoping there will be no oncoming traffic and the green light will hold out until the ignorant author moves their ass so I can legally proceed.  
Seems like a small thing, but if I accede to the pedestrian's wishes and an accident ensues, then I am the one at fault. I'm not willing to take that risk, and the pedestrian/author will just have to realize that, once in the crosswalk, they have a legal obligation, and their distaste for hurrying is trumped by the law.
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