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Steven Weissman



didn't read
but DAMN
that title


I am an old person. Old enough to remember when we tried all-year Daylight Savings Time in the 70's during the oil embargo/energy crisis (which would cause a total collapse of American society if it happened these days).

It was stupid and horrible. Everyone hated it, and we quickly abandoned it. But most people who were alive back then are dead now, or drooling into our bedpans. If we try it again, we will once again learn than the only thing worse than listening to people whine about changing their clocks is not changing our clocks.


If we moved forward 30 minutes we would be 12 hours opposite of Indian Standard Time.


Standard time year-round is the wise choice. But this society disdains wise choice.


I feel like I'm seeing this kind of thing more and more online:

"It is BAD for our physical health and BAD for our mental health. ... My whole day feels thrown off. I'm hungry at different times. I'm sleepy at different times."

Instead of just saying "x is bad for me" they imply x is bad for everyone. Feel free to describe the effects something has on you but don't imply everyone is affected the same way.


Twice every year, like clockwork, the ritualistic crying and moaning about a relatively small inconvenience. Why, oh why, must we suffer so?


@2 I remember the year-round daylight time experiment. Personally I liked it a lot, and I think it would have gained wide acceptance if we'd stayed with it longer. The only serious complaint I remember hearing about it was kids having to go to school in the dark (which many do in winter even under standard time). This could have been addressed by starting school later in the morning, but of course very few districts were inclined to shift their hours for what they understood to be a temporary change. Make it permanent, and people will adjust.


daylight crazing time!
crazy clock time!

standard time forever—Washington state legislature could do this today, without the crazy ass Congress having to get involved.


Interesting that I am beginning to agree with @2 Cat more and more.


It’s ONE FUCKING hour. Have you never flown to, say, Denver? Any adjustment is over by dinner time. It’s just not that hard. Americans are getting way too soft.


Ugh. So agree with @11. But also agree with @8. Daylight savings time permanently please! So what if it's a little darker in the morning? So much better than it getting dark at 5pm!


@b-grade zinger
well "Republicans"
ARE Horrible people
and as the Veil is lifted
Perhaps you may see the
errors of your *Ideology clearly
Reich wing spinmeisters are not only
Ubiquitious but are 'Good' at one thing Only:

the Taking.
oh and Cruelty.
which is why they
love so Dearly fascism

good luck!



@6 stinkbug/6 There is a great deal of published evidence of the bad effects to physical and mental health. And when raising school aged children if you’re observant it’s obvious: they’re messed up for a week or two. Sure it’s only a week or two but since it’s for no good reason let’s get rid of it. Sleep scientist are loud proponents of year round standard time.


Totally agree that year around daylight time makes sense. Screw this 4:30 sunset. But really, kids can't adjust to ONE HOUR? My dogs figured it out in two days.


my CAT figured
it out in twenty seconds
rolled over and had another nap

so why Not kids?
plus Why's it Take
so LONG for them
to Grow Up no mat-


it seems the More I SCREAM
at them the DUMBER
they get. How's
That work?!


wake when the sun rises. leave work and school when it starts to get dark.

listen to your mother.

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