I’m tired of everyone complaining about Daylight Saving Time and having to change the clock on their dumb old microwave ovens.*

If we’re going to continue using a standardized, clock-based scheduling system, the LEAST we can do is acknowledge that nature does not adhere to that system. 

The Earth rotates on a tilted axis, OK? Unless you live on the equator, winter days are shorter than summer days. Changing our clocks twice a year to reflect reality seems only reasonable. Think of it as a compromise with the Sun.

MEANWHILE, why don’t we make it a special occasion? Rather than burying the time change at 2 am on a mid-month Sunday morning—like we’re ashamed of it—let’s CELEBRATE Daylight Saving Time every vernal and autumnal equinox. We can change our clocks at sunrise in the spring, and sunset in the fall. 

*We don’t even have to change the clocks we use most: our phones. How lazy can you get?

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