Now that we know Seattle will never pass serious police reform, it may be time for cops to get off their asses and start enforcing the traffic laws "governing" the "great" roads and freeways of our lands. 

Not sure if you noticed or not, but it seems like every other driver now blasts around at 15-30 mph above the speed limit, pulls illegal U-turns, uses turn lanes as passing lanes, and blows through school zones and crosswalks, endangering other drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians. And at no time do I ever see police doing a goddamn thing about it.

I’m not talking out brake lights. I’m talking about genuinely dangerous shit. And, yeah, there have always been assholes on the road. But it's become endemic to drivers, par for the course.

For all the talk of violent crime and lawlessness, cops seem very hands-off when it comes to the two-ton trucks barreling down the roads at dangerous speeds, commercial trucks leaking their payloads all over the road, and street-racing assholes treating roads like private racetracks. Not sure when I even last saw anyone pulled over.

Cars kill people, a lot of them. Yet somehow no one weeping about out-of-control crime seems to give a shit about that problem—not even cops.

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