I can't believe I'm complaining about pickleball jerk jocks making park reservations–it's not the hill I'd die on–but here I am.

Playing this game is fun and cute and silly and community-minded and one of the only sports I've ever enjoyed, but these tech bro jerk jocks reserve half of the courts with their cash money and then kick 50+ people onto two courts, where we have to wait 40+ minutes to play a single game. The jerks play all night, nonstop, killing the community spirit and giving off weird-ass schoolyard bully vibes. Not the business. 

Why does the City let people hoard public access to community fun and exercise? Do better, Seattle Parks! Not everyone has the time and the funds to access the reservation system and pay up. Had to go get "anger Slurpees" after that shit–which fucking hit, by the way, but I’m still mad, bro.

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