Comedy/Bar Chat Up

We sat at neighboring tables while both our parties were late. I clocked you as ADHD and you had the same name as my friend. I’d love to chat more! ☺️

Riding the Gravy Train

We chatted at the Yung Gravy/bbno$ show in Seattle back in 2022. I asked you about your koi fish button down shirt bc I thought it was floral.

keeper of a sweet little beast @ corvus

you were there briefly with a scruffy little dog and both disarmingly lovely. my green flannel matched my hair. i'll have to say hi next time :-)

Standing In Line For Baseball Beers

Waited for a beer behind you on opening night for the Ms. Loved chatting w/ you before my friend arrived, you then laughed at me fumbling my words.

Art(ist) in motion!!

We met chatting an others outside CS on the Hill.You had made your dress and kissed my hand goodbye. I’m @ that same night unless traveling. Find me.

Stella + Spencer 4EVA?

Walked by your place in Ballard, and you said hi to me and my dog Stella, she met your dog Spencer. I’m fighting a cold otherwise I’d chat more!

checking in with M’s gal on the 5 bus

Stood in between you and a guy trying to talk to you about the Mariners on the bus to the game, not taking the hint. Said “good luck” when I got off.

oso oso merch line

we chatted in the merch line at the oso oso show last week but i didn’t ask for your number! 🥲

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