I Saw U at Julia's Bad Girls Brunch

You were full of the electricity. You went on stage and were fire itself. You took a pic with me in it. I waved, you showed me. You are so gorgeous!

Zen and the Art of Mandolin

five years ago maybe. we talked at a bus stop, our bus never came. you got a gig car and gave me a ride. tell me what bus stop it was. cheers <3

"It's not fair. It's not fair."

To the middle aged lady walking down the aisles of Albertson's muttering to herself "It's not fair. It's not fair." Hey lady? I'm with you.

Therapy IS cool.

Me: sipping my way through an Imperfetta flight. You: stopped by just to say "hello." Would love to see you in your new jeans.

thank god for tinder

matched 5 months ago, never spoke, ended up on 2 dates together with other people- i want to be your person will you be mine?

Friday Night Lambert House

You rockstar volunteer on rollerblades. Me freaked out newbie early shift. I’ve never seen anyone more beautiful or with a brighter light. Marry me ;)

Dog gets off leash on the Ave on 3/21

Your dog got away from you, ran into a restaurant, through the dining room and into the kitchen. My bus moved on. How did the story end?

Columbia City PCC Bumped into you in store then you were parked next to me

Saw you a bunch. Cute girl in a grey suburu parked next to my audi at CC PCC in March. Waved and you waved back and I stupidly didn't stop you..

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