Beacon hill light rail station on a Friday afternoon

You: blue shirt and beard. Me: leather jacket. Maybe you were checking me out. Maybe I had Nutella on my face. You’re my type.

Megan at the Meeting

I really hope I see you again. I'll take that ride home. Jeff

Cheryl Blossom IRL

Maybe 5 years ago now, I saw you passing a BofA ATM in Georgetown. Your beauty was breathtaking and my bi heart thinks of you still from time to time.

Math Rock

I saw you in 15th & Union, holding your yellow umbrella, looking so beautiful. We talked, ate, and rocked out! I am the happiest man ever since.

Cowboy Boots, To Go

You walked out of McCaw Hall in VERY wide jeans, gripping your cowboy boots in one hand. You moved like a dancer. Was that you on the ballet ad??

Running for Burien City Council

You ran a few times before and I think you won the first time. Anyway I saw you hyping a crowd this summer and stopped to listen. You're so fine.

Bright neon bright jacket boy on bike-riding up boren/pike

We made prolonged eye contact

It was the 4th of July

I was at a house party, having a blast. I was talking with all my friends, and then suddenly you were there. And I haven’t stopped thinking about you.

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