Labor Sep 16, 2022 at 2:10 pm

Teachers Come to Terms, Weyerhaeuser Strikes All Over, and Joe’s Been Working on the Railroad

Two statewide log truck operations shut down this week as a result of Weyerhaeuser strikes. Chris Hellier / GETTY



"The railroads are corrupt" What is this - this week in worker conquests from 1873?

The railroads - most of which were formed by corporate welfare and built by people who were basically paid nothing - have always had too much political and governmental power. They were the ones who decided which regions would thrive and who would languish in the settlement of the west.

Today, they are akin to Boeing - The people who run them know nothing about running a railroad, don't want to know how to run a railroad, don't want to invest in the railroads, and want to stay as far away from labor as they can (and it's gotten worse in recent years and they have consolidated).

It should be noted that the conductor and engineers unions bought some of this on themselves by going for years with these archaic rules because a lot of them were just in it for the money. But when Covid hit, and the railroads laid thousands of people off, it became a problem for the employees that they had never anticipated.

I think that it will all work out now that they've got the feds visibly involved in the bargaining, but it may take awhile.

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