Labor Sep 23, 2022 at 12:30 pm

Teamsters Rally in SLU, Big Win for Health Care Workers, and THESE BANKS ARE GONNA BUST!!!

The Teamsters took a break from their annual Women’s Conference in South Lake Union on Tuesday to kick off a thousand-person rally at Bezos’s Balls. Fred Nye



What does "dub(s)" mean? You used that word five times in this very hip piece on labor news.


"The company [amazon] also made headlines for promoting a former private prison executive to take over training for their warehouse employees."

Suicide nets
surround the Roofs
wot's next
Bars over windows?

as the Climate Implodes
and human beings flee from
Capitalism's Sacrifice Zones far
'Right' Authoritarianism's gonna
take over Planet Earth. Bad News
for the Humans. Music to the ears
of the Proiteers who never thought
Prisons were a Bad Thing for 'the Bot-
tom' 90% with their making Demands*

*Demanding shit is Unreasonable
when your Betters know best
what IS Best, for you types



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