Labor Oct 7, 2022 at 10:00 am

Minimum Wage Raises, Supreme Court to Hear Seattle Concrete Case, and CEO-to-Worker Pay Ratio Breaks Record

It's working: The National Labor Relations Board reported a 57% increase in union petitions and a 19% increase in unfair labor practice charges. RS



What no mention of Seattles new min wage? $18.69/hr, an 8.2% increase!


Well they will be needing it.

As the prices of everything rise, the min wage will rise and the vicious cycle of increase wages matched by general prices increases will continue. It will stretch out to the crack of doom.

The min wage will push up the base, all wages, will rise...then there will be another round of general price increases... and in the poor will find it much more expensive to survive.

Minorities, with less education, work experience will now be the last to be hired. Employers will hire only the most productive workers. The ghettos and poverty will expand. Crime will increase... just when we thought it could go no higher.

I guess the geniuses thought that general prices wouldn't rise when the cost of labor rises. I wonder... the city council must all be graduates of Mudede School of Economics.


Now further interest rate increases to stem the effects of pumping carelessly and thoughtlessly trillions of dollars into the economy and loose monetary policy. Things are really gonna get nasty.

Unemployment.... High Min. Wage... Recession.... High Interest Rates...Mortgage and Credit Card Rates that would make a loan shark cry, Crippling Inflation....Crime... No Police and well lets face it .... an agenda which is both literally, financially and practically speaking bankrupt.

Yes indeed .....the Rich will get considerably richer and the poor are going to get really poor.... compliments of the far left... champion of the poor! funny how this shit goes down...

Looks like the far left agenda worked rather well.... give away money, decrease productivity, porky-pork spending... it sucks to be a min wage earner now. You won't get a job and your meager earnings will never keep up with inflation and the higher interest rates.

Here's a helpful tip, invest in crowbars, hoodies, gloves and face masks.... and other implements for breaking and entering.

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