Music Jul 18, 2022 at 12:48 pm

We’re Ready to do Poppers on the Hot Concrete 🎉

Glitzy, bubbly, and deeply chaotic. CROUTON




Of course, Charli XCX is a pop deity. The other pop supernova gracing CHBP? Remi Wolf. Having a chance to worship at the alters of these two artists alone is worth the price of admission.


Ah, alter -> altar.


This one time when my family took a 3 year detour to live in the Bay and my wife was visiting her sister I went to grab a beer at a University of Beer in Sacramento and there was a couple on what appeared to be a first date. I don’t remember how we started talking (I am generally friendly but not intrusive and not a Mac at all) but we were the only people there. She recommended a rapper and I mentioned I was listening to XXX by Danny Brown quite a bit. I ended up reciting “I Will” to her to demonstrate the tone of his stuff. It was hilarious; she tried to ditch her date for me (he was fuming as some random dude accidentally almost took his date with unabashed rapping about proper pussy eating) even though I am very happily completely loyal to my love. It was one of the more strange hilarious interactions with strangers I can ever remember.

TLDR: if you say you like a dirty rapper to a nice lady be prepared to fight them off with a stick if you nail the flow.


Poppers are still a thing, my god.

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