There is too much news. Did you read Slog AM? It's nothing but gun violence, dead whales, depressing weather, and cops murdering goats. My Twitter feed adds to that the obnoxious viral marketing for the new movie about the plastic dolls that first implanted my young, impressionable brain with the seeds of life-long body image issues.

Sure, Trump was arrested, but even that just fills me with dread as I anxiously await the firehose of bullshit that will surely follow this "historic" moment. COOL!

Then comes Mudhoney.

 For 35 years, the grunge-before-grunge-had-a-name rockers have been all about the misunderstood, the bad, and the ugly. They've drawn power from a generation's endless river of anxiety, and they've written distorted, cathartic anthems that give us something to scream along with in an attempt to drown out the idiots.

Today the band released a new single from their forthcoming studio album, Plastic Eternity, and instead of picking the scabs off of our wounds and holding our hand with us while we writhe in pain—as they did so well on 2018's Digital Garbage—they... sing about little dogs???

If you also feel like your guts are in knots and your brain is being squeezed by an unrelenting vise, dismiss yourself from ~everything~ for three minutes and watch this joyful video.

"Yeah they get wound up, but they’re easy to distract / Just pick ‘em up or give ‘em a tasty tiny snack."

Bless you, Mudhoney, for somehow always knowing exactly what we need.