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Jurors Talk About the South Park Murder Trial from Their Point of View


So much hard work put in by so many. Thanks for highlighting their tremendous efforts, Eli.
If the rapist's goal is to instill fear of rape in the hearts of women, then the rapist wins, even if he gets the death penalty.

@2 I think in most cases, the rapist doesn't have such a cosmic motivation. Instilling fear in the hearts of his victims is usually enough.
Eli, I have followed your writing on this from the first day. I give you my regards for your coverage and your sensitivity and... well, it's a terrible story but you've covered it beautifully.
Eli, great writing, horrible tragic story, but you did a great job of covering it.
Why are spam comments showing up on this story? Please don't let it dilute the integrity of your report. Thank you so much for bringing this horrible story to light.
Eli, you have made me cry so many times over the past two years with this reporting. Again, right now, with tears running down my face, I say this very sincerely: thank you for the fair and compassionate way you have told this tragic story.

My heart breaks for Teresa, her partner, and those that know and love them. It will haunt me forever, I think.
Almost makes a person WANT to go to jail, just to get their hands on that scumbag. I have to echo the praise for the coverage - first reading about this in the Stranger in the "Bravest Woman In Seattle" story, the uncomfortable feelings of...well just about every different emotion stuck with me for a while. I can totally understand the juror who "called in sick," but am proud of the jurors who were able to sit through and deliver justice.
@ #2, I'm not sure why you would even waste time pondering the "goals" of a rapist. Any way you look at it, he loses, and we can all sleep better knowing he'll rot in a cell for the rest of his life.
I read the "Bravest Woman in Seattle" piece and had nightmares. I am so relieved this... less than animal, this thing, is behind bars for good. Teresa, rest in peace. Teresa's partner, I know you have strength; I hope you can find some peace as well.
I've been impressed with your writing in the past, Eli, but this piece's irrelevant racial marking solely of African Americans is deeply offensive. Identifying the African American juror by race (as well as the defendant - the only 2 people whose race is mentioned), and failing to do so for all other (white?) jurors, implies that there was a racial motivation for his dropping out of the trial. Whether or not that was your intention, this is what was conveyed. I very much encourage the open discussion of race and racial issues, but this is not a relevant part of a discussion; this is implicit racial prejudice.
That was really great to read. This story has haunted me since it happened. I lived up the hill from South Park with my partner when it happened, and it struck a deep chord, imagining what these two women went through together.

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