Photos please. I'd be interested in knowing whether any of my coworkers were there.
And good work!
I sure I don't have to be reincarnated as a man. Men have lost their collective mind. We need a war to clear out the useless cannon fodder that is most men. They are territorial, sexist, violent, greedy and sexually rapacious. I don't care which "superior" team they identify with. God help us.
No photos unfortunately. The Swedish guy who went in had a high-tech hidden camera but I blew my budget on the white polo.
Anyone with stories about racism in the tech industry please contact me:
thank you for your work.
"Dr. Johnson lives an extremely NPR lifestyle filled with world travel, visits to art galleries, and opera. Talking to him, his college philosophy professor background comes out."

Charles Krafft is a Seattle-born ceramicist.

Jared Taylor is a journalist.

Kevin MacDonald is a psychologist.

The old man you spoke with is a songwriter.

Literally everyone you interviewed doesn't work in tech, but you feel comfortable saying this is a tech phenomenon?
Kevin MacDonald said he was impressed by both the turn out and superior quality of the attendees.
Glad to see White Nationalists are being objectively evaluated by their own as 'superior' or 'inferior' stock. Between that and the number of times they've been infiltrated --not to mention the fact that Feds have already infiltrated the 'movement' quite thoroughly-- these duds are destined for... well, not much, really.

Speakers encouraged followers to take the Gandhi approach and continue getting punched in the face
This is the best argument I've heard for not punching Nazis. Perhaps we should tar & feather them instead, then run them out of town on a rail. I'm sure they'd appreciate the anachronism!
I'm pretty sure that I've been interviewed by racists in the tech industry. The interviewers see my name on my resume, which is very British sounding, look at me and then give me a confused look. They give a more confused look when they hear me speak then stumble through the interview trying to ask ridiculous questions.
Lolz I think Seattle Nazi's want to be Hydra.

Good work, David Lewis. More of this in the Stranger.
There really wasn't any meat to this story. Just seemed like an opinion piece. Let me know when you get some dirt. D -
Btw, great article. Tt left me a bit more uneasy being a minority in Seattle. I do wish you could grab and post some security footage showing those that attended. I'd love to see if I can recognize some of these racist douchebags. But I'll end by saying this, this type of racism fits well with Seattle's passive aggressive NIMBY-ist culture.
David, your last sentence is fundamentally flawed (“ In the two years since I’d interviewed Charles Krafft, Seattle had somehow gone from virtually no open racists (although I’ve worked retail at places with pretty open whites only management policies) to being the kind of place to which you’d travel all the way from Sweden to study a new style of racism. The city’s really changing.”) The PNW in general and both Seattle & Portland have long been home to many racists/white supremacists. Maybe take Knute Berger out to lunch and he’ll fill you in and check out the history of the Seattle Tennis Club -

I'd take a wild guess that half of TS' readers think the Holocaust is mainly Zionist propaganda. Just sayin!
"One of the questions came from an East Indian-Canadian. I don’t remember what he asked because I was too busy sharing confused looks with the Neo-Nazis."

Didn't you say you recording the whole thing on a device in your backpack?
David here is a start - Our region has a long history of racism and white supremacists…
@21 - And yet you couldn't figure out how to create just one account in order to post your spam? lol
Lolkek and keklol, if you want to be taken seriously, perhaps you will spend more time on your writing. You sound childish and insecure. You're definitely correct that Trump won because of people similar to those discussed in the article.

I appreciate this article because it draws attention to the fact that liberal Seattle has white supremacists meeting in our neighborhoods, and they don't look like dirty, ignorant, country folk. I think that was the point he was making, not that all tech workers are Nazis or that Nazis are defined by hair cut and clothing. I also feel like anyone who is super offended by this description needs to ask themselves why. Why are you more offended by the description than the fact that white supremacists are living amongst us and intentionally trying to prevent non-white people from succeeding in society? It's not about you, or is it?

I hope that tech companies will ensure that they are advocating diversity at the top. Hopefully you will interview them to get their response.
@David Lewis. Surprising lack of actual dialogue from any of the conversations you had. Was that because of legal constraints on non consensual audio recordings? My understanding is that if the conversation is in a public space and the content is not of a personal nature then it's acceptable to print without consent.

For a second, I got a vision of what Seattle would be like with zero ethnic diversity: It would be dull, like being at one of those bougie, middle-aged white person parties..

Ok, wtf? What does this mean? Only POC bring the 'interesting' to parties and daily life? Why are "white people" automatically "dull"? I seriously question the grounds for this statement @DavidLewis. What sort of internalized biases are you displaying here?

I personally have been to parties that were all, or nearly all white, AND middle-aged, AND "town-dwellers" and they definitely weren't dull or boring.

That's a really fucked up statement to make.
@27. Yeah. POC are interesting and fun just by being a different skin color. They don't even need personalities or interesting life experiences to do this! Isn't that awesome!
It's kind of hilarious that the knee-jerk fascist defenders have gone from nine months ago cheering on supposed "street brawlers" saying they were coming to "sack" our liberal cities to whining in the Stranger's comments section about how the biannual Nazi festival wasn't reported on fairly.

That says a lot about how quickly the alt-right has gone down the drain since Charlottesville, thanks to a lot of hard-fought community defense and research.

Thanks for this article. They'll most likely shoot themselves in the foot then turn on themselves like they always do, but there's no reason not give their movement a little push to its obvious impending demise.
If this is your idea of serious reporting then the Stranger is a waste of time to read. Hardly ideological, nothing revelatory, and it just sort of bumbles on and on. In short - you got nothin worthwhile or news worthy.
Wow, what an incredibly boring article. And you make these events sound quite nice-- what with all the Top Pot doughnuts and lovely children playing Beethoven; these people seem to have nice lives and intellectual interests.

I mean, come on, where are the burning crosses and drinking beer to nazi punk songs by Skrewdriver? Were there even any skinheads?!?!

Come on, advocating non-violent resistance and reading books and having dinners? Where are the group readings of the Turner Diaries and the drunken mob beatings of marginalized bodies?

These guys must be thanking you for such a flattering article! Next time, if you don't have any sensational material--- make some shit up!
David? Epic trolling! You describe these people as professional, tech savvy, boring.
> You want us to believe they are racists >> You give us examples of their tolerance of people of colour;
> You want us to believe they are homophobes >> You show us that they are tolerant of homosexuals;
> You want us to believe they are White Supremacists >> You tell us they objectively believe they are not superior to all races;
> You want us to believe they are violent >> You describe their Ghandi/turn the other cheek philosophy;
>They are bigots yet they are disapproving of ethnic slurs?
>They deny being White nationalists so you conclude they are White nationalist?

-This is deliberate. It would be impossible to be this detached from reality
-This article reads like a grand advertisement for a White ethnostate. Well done!
History is repeating itself. As long as we do not accept that we are all humans period we will anialate eachother time and time again. Growing up in seattle i have always known about racism towards non whites in employment, housing, bamking and loan, education, and from the Police Department. its no secret. The Tech industry of course is full of ignorant individuals children that you have to have pity for, they just dont know anybetter as clever as they caim they are. Making life more convient and creating video games does not make one intelligent. I find it sad that all the white nationalist and so called American Nazis are the real ones insulting the men and woman who sacraficed thier lives so they can have all the wealth and advantages they do today. How the HELL do think you can be an American NAZI? Makes no sense whatsoever. I am Also not surprised to hear of late east indians joining the ranks of white nationalism in the UK East Indians are considered blacks and still are let's not forget. I reaaslly do not forsee things changing and I am happy about that because there is a saying "Beware of what you ask for" Most of you cowardly white nationalist, and Nazis when WAR does come and it is coming are going to RUN AS FAST AS THEY CAN BACK TO MOMMA. So please continue your crusade of an all white society it's been tried time and time again and each war becomes more deadly. The problem with these modern day parties is that they unlike thier European counterparts really have no idea the devastaion of the WAR they are asking for and it (Thank God) is coming SOON! And the people who will be out thier defending your cowardly ignorant selves will be those people of color you feel you can do without.
Scientific Fact:
92% of Planet Earth is Non White
8% actual white (Caucasion)
What happens when the 92% REVOLTS?
OH and most so called white nationalist and so called American Nazis are not WHITE as they claim they are. This is America 100% anything is a pipe dream.
Can you post the audio files? Some people think that you're making up the part about there being people working in the tech industry.
Those railing against "bullies," especially against gays, now have surrendered those principles because of leftoid politics. While the "flaws" of certain individuals were repeatedly described, the political beliefs which made this bunch newsworthy in the first place were not. The tendentiousness of assumed correctness over this group's beliefs is a mistake. It is cowardice to focus only on styles of dress and not engage their ideas. Behind that cowardice is the probable fact you might find conventional notion skewered in an honest exchange with the Alt-Right.
#33 is right. This article is clickbait garbage that shows off an ignorant leftist mindset that divides people.
In Spokane, eastern Washington, heart of the "inbred empire" they don't hide... Major sponsor of Spokane's visit by European fascist Nigel Farage included:...…
@29 - It's funny as hell. Now these poor, sad snowflakes only have "no, you're the racist!" to throw back at people, as if that's a thing. Funny how supposed "clickbait" triggers them so damn hard.
@40. I don't think Pridge understands the irony of what he is saying. Lol. Yeah we know. Pridge is one of those people who is a little too stupid to realise that a snowflake calling others "snowflakes" being "triggered" is quite rich. Lol. He also does not realise that people are not triggered by this article. They are laughing at it and how stupid the lefties are. That we are laughing at you, Pridge. :D. Lol.
Praise KEK!
Pretty tame article given the subject matter, one wonders if Mr. Lewis actually liked what he saw and just added a few sprinklings of 'fascist' 'nazi' or whatever and just edited the piece to be less sympathetic to the subjects so he wouldn't be accused of being a secret nazi himself. I mean this would read like a long-form ad for the northwest guys if it DIDNT have that nazi stuff.
And if that's the case I can't blame him: aside from their radical politics they seem like normal high-quality people you'd want on your schoolboard.

I've toyed with moving to the washington-oregon area for a while now; after reading this it's just another point for that option. If there are more groups of people like this watching each others' back, and perhaps a tad less political, I think everyone would be better off quite frankly.
lol at needing to use aave in your comment about how you're not boring
Wow, it's amusing to read the shit-storm of Sock Puppet Nazi loading the comment section of a paper with readership that know's what they are doing.
y'all cucked by your own boringness and shitty history into needing to steal from everyone else and act like demons to maintain your identity
The only ally we have is their shame. We need to lean on their shame and lean hard. Girlfriends need to know their boyfriends are Nazis. Moms and Dads need to know their sons are. Employers and coworkers need to know.

They meet in secret for 2 reasons - they have cloak and dagger fetishes and they not so secretly ashamed. They know they want to do things to others they would never accept for themselves. Publicize them. Expose them.
Agree Nullbull.

From the comments, it seems that there are a lot of people who sympathize or at least partially identify with the white supremacists discussed in this article. That alone is disturbing.

Do they need to be lynching in Seattle in order to raise concern? Trying to keep people from getting jobs because they are not white is a really big deal. I feel like the only people who wouldn't be appalled by this are those who support it. Imagine if you were locked out of the job market because of the color of your skin. Not a big deal? Be glad you're white.

Oh hey "DataDude" you definitely don't sound like a racist tech worker LOL
Why don't you come on over and move in to my neighborhood so everyone can come beat you up all the time until you leave
@32 I don't think what you wrote here reads like how you intended it to. Also it sounds like you were probably there
@30 How did he harass the person of color? What do you mean he "use[d] his skin privilege" to get in, he got in- what's the big deal, how would you have preferred that he get in? and did you not just mention the fact that there was a person of color in there? Why is David somehow the white supremacist in your mind (try to remember that he is actually not a white supremacist he just did a really good job going undercover- I guess you must have gotten confused- everyone else at the meeting was actually a white supremacist though)?
@38 I would more so say a desire to create a "WHITE ETHNOSTATE" is a "mindset that divides people" lmao
In this comment section: a bunch of racist people who actually were at this exact same meeting and a bunch of racist people who weren't invited/ didn't know about it and are now jealous and extra angry and racist
Well how about this; you are all formally invited to come to my super-secret super-cool meeting and EAT MY ASS
*Munches popcorn watching all the KekCucks blatantly reveal their painful lack of awareness*
I honestly do not understand what these guys want. If they want to work in a manly profession surrounded by men, there are a multitude of professions they can go into to live out that dream. Jesus, they can go into politics and become the next Jeff Sessions or the many other white dudes who get to legislate against women's and black people's rights. If they want to walk around being dicks to women and non-whites, they are 100% free to do that, too. If they want to find a white woman who won't argue and wants to stay home and have babies, there are tons of women out there for them. They have all the opportunity in the world.

But these guys are wimpy, lazy, mediocre dudes who don't have the courage, intellect, or drive to actually become the great white men of the past that they idolize, so they put all of their energy into bitching amongst themselves about their "unfair" lot in life and talking about how they "could" be great if it weren't for all of these women and non-white people constantly getting in their way. It's so fucking ridiculous to hear any of them try to defend their positions. You know why women and black people have rights? Because they fought for them. What are these white guys doing to change the systems they feel are stacked against them? Besides having secret meetings and bitch sessions at Bucca Di Beppo?
Speakers encouraged followers to take the Gandhi approach and continue getting punched in the face a la Richard Spencer.

That was the one line in the piece that I could really say I support whole-heartedly. More Nazis getting punched in the face!
A photo of Greg Johnson who is from Seattle can be found here.…
i.e. we're going to continue our deluded efforts to control and kill everyone else, while gaslighting and blaming them for what we're doing, out of we have been for centuries...while whining about some made-up white genocide bc our fragile egos can't withstand being checked on what a bane we are to our own survival, due to our violent overconsumption, and to all other life on earth

i feel sorry for your child
ntm you caused your own "multicultural crisis" by colonizing everywhere else...should've stayed in europe if other ppl bothered you so damn much
your pride is false...all of you know that your supposedly "great" civilization is a death cult and you want everything else to die bc you don't know how to do anything else
@59 Wow so your original comment from the point of view of someone who had simply read this article and was not there was actually not true! Dramatic shift in tone!
@41 - I bet you think "cuck" is an insult too. Look I know it makes you cry when the other guys call you that, but nobody outside of your circle jerk thinks it's an issue.

Go work on your skills or something, take some personal responsibility, and stop blaming others for your many faults.

@59 - So comparing this comment with your original one, we can definitely say that nazis lie just like the worthless president they worship.
I commend you on your bravery, David. Any chance these horrid white supremacy organizations can be disbanded soon?
@59: It's your divisive mentality that's responsible for the blight of colonial, imperialist, and environmental destruction that's killing our planet. Homogeneity breeds weakness. Look at the forest. It's only through diversity that life can exist and flourish. All life is interconnected whether you like it or not. Humanity is all one "race". Anything that says otherwise is pseudoscience. We can only benefit from learning and accepting one another for the diversity of gifts we all bring to the table. Math and science can help our species accomplish wonderful things. Do you know where they came from? Not "white" people. You're spouting utter Hogwash and people like you need to be outed and stopped. There is nothing precious about being "white". It's fiction and you know it.
da_mann, the creepiest thing about your daughter is not that she exists. Rather, it's the fact that she is young and has the chance to grow up to be a decent person who feels connected to the colorful world around her. Whether or not you will allow her to do that remains to be seen. From what you said, I'm not hopeful. Frankly, it is sad for her that she will grow up in a world where she feels alienated and disconnected from the majority of those around her. Exposing her to hate and intolerance at such a young age is not what good parents do. People like you shouldn't be allowed to have kids.
@59, "We are the real counter-culture folks, we have the initiative, and we will win." You can keep telling yourselves that, but there have been white nationalists in America for as long as it has existed and you haven't won yet. I don't see how forming secret clubs is doing anything to get you any closer to your goals.

You don't see yourselves as a grievance culture creating false narratives and theories, but that is exactly what you are. Jason Kessler claims there is a fucking white genocide happening, for Christ's sake, and goes on to provide an incorrect definition of the term. He claims he was passed over for a job that he was more qualified for because he was a man, without offering any factual evidence to back that up.

You identify a problem (the elites are destroying our civilization, which, by the way, is not just a white nationalist grievance - you may recall the entire Bernie Sanders campaign), and then create a false narrative and simplistic argument about the source of the problem being immigrants and non-whites taking over and suppressing your culture while taking your jobs. You are doing exactly the same thing that you accuse liberals of doing, eschewing facts and evidence that don't support your narrative. You speak in the same generalized terms about oligarchies, elites, and identity without providing any specific data to support your claims. And what are any of you doing to move this rich cultural heritage forward? Your kid learned to cover Beethoven? Your leader is a flipping philosophy professor? What innovations have any of you contributed to white culture?

And no, we won't thank you for your "work." I don't want to live in a country without jazz, rock, hip hop, Indian food, Edward P. Jones, Toni Morrison, Zadie Smith, Marlon James, and on and on...fucking Beethoven bores me to tears. Not all white people want to surround themselves with purebred white culture. If you want to immerse yourself in white culture, move to the fucking mid-western suburbs. It's super exciting there with all those brilliant white people building strip malls and Applebees.
@59, @keks --
We---Identitarians, White Nationalists...
Identity politics. And from the right. Yet Steve Bannon says things like "the longer they talk about identity politics, I got ’em. [...] the left is focused on race and identity,". I wish the Right was more intellectually honest. Or coherent.

Here is a self-described "white nationalist" reiterating race and focusing on identity. You can't have it both ways. The whole idea of "black identity" was constructed by whites when they brought people of a whole variety of different ethnicities over and made them slaves, producing a new, common identity. So now when people stand up against their continued cultural abuse, as a collective identity they've been effectively forced into, then intellectual nitwits like Bannon get their manties in a twist...only to retreat into and reiterate oddly and incoherently constructed identities of "whiteness".

And "Western Civilization"? Here's some actual anthropology on that construct. That imaginary fantasy. Read that article and then come back and talk about "western civilization" and how you're "saving" it.

Here's a teaser:
"'Western civilization' is a particularly incoherent concept, but, insofar as it refers to anything, it refers to an intellectual tradition. This intellectual tradition is, overall, just as hostile to anything we would recognize as democracy as those of India, China, or Mesoamerica."


we are literally the only people who seem interested in saving our community from physical extinction.

And yet you also claim not to be 'victims'. "Physical extinction"? This sounds like the --frankly risible-- claim of "white genocide", which is such self-victimization, I can't hardly stop laughing. Son, get the cognitive biases out of your eyes. White ethnicity isn't going extinct any time soon, not even close. What "ethnicity" is "white" anyway? Only "caucasian"? As in from the Caucasus Mountains region? Or Northern Europeans, generally? Something else? Or anyone who looks passably pale? Your terms and definitions are loose and without accurate usage.

The very concept of "racial purity" is immediately dismantled by the merest examination of genetics. Do you know what happens to "pure bred" dogs? They suffer from the effects of inbreeding and get genetic disorders. Striving for "Purity" is a self-imposed death sentence. The genetic health of any population is only through interbreeding. Genetic diversity.

What's happening is that after an empire of colonialism run by the Brits, then the Americans, including internal 'colonies' of apartheid, slavery, and cultural subjugation, the 92% of the world that doesn't happen to be of English/Northern European extraction is standing up and taking it's power. But to white men, sharing power feels like losing power. It's normal. It's a very common psychological perception.

The base fact is: We all have to live on this planet together.
We Americans, --black, white, brown, pink, etc.-- all have to live in the USA together.
We're going to have to share it, and we're going to have to get along.

You can either stop playing victim, man up, be intellectually honest, and share power (instead of always getting your way); or you can try to take away your toys, move to Montana and form a little "ethno-state", while the rest of us sit down and do the hard work of constructing an inclusive future.

Nature IS diversity. Communities of diversity. Diversity is (ultimately) strength.
What can I say? Looking forward for to the technofascist future of this planet!

It won't be too long before (natural) distributions of alleles will start becoming irrelevant. And who knows, maybe genetics itself will fade into irrelevance. And then the world can greet the new fascist man. :)
There is nothing interesting in your article. We understand that your kind hate white Europeans and look forward eagerly to the day when we are extinct. This is your own malformed identity politics. Your attendance at the NW Forum hasn't hastened that day by one second. If you'd sent Greg a list of polite questions he would almost certainly have answered them. You need to remember that "Nazi", "White supremacist", "bigot" and "racist" are all terms of abuse used by our political enemies. They do not provide any insight or evaluation of the movement. You have nothing significant to say. I'd give up if I was you.
This article only verifies for me what I already think - that racists are mentally ill people who aren't very bright, no matter what their education level. If they weren't stupid, they wouldn't hate people for something as superficial as complexion. I have a solution to their problem, however. Since their goal is an ethno-state, they can just leave and start it somewhere else that's not America. America is multi-cultural, and they shall never, ever, ever, ever find the power to just ship half the country somewhere else. So, since they are a small, bitter hateful minority, they should just leave. I'm sure they can pool their resources and find some dictatorship that they can afford to buy out.
Haven't read it all yet, but their fascination with ancient Rome isn't entirely unrelated, it's just that they can't comprehend that in this analogy, they are the fascists which turned Rome into a military dictatorship. Trump is their Caesar. Yes, they like to say that multiculturalism destroyed the republic, but that's only partially true. The republic was flawed from the beginning by nature of being a republic, which was meant to give only a limited voice to plebeians. That's the nature of a republic. The solution is more democracy to incorporate those on the fringes of society. Republicans have done a good job restricting votership and disenfranchising millions of people for this very reason: to keep the upper class in control. The identity of "upper class" used to encompass almost all white (Christian) men. Now that it's changing, they would rather blame multiculturalism than recognize that they must compete harder in a system designed by white men to encourage competition (capitalism). The irony here is the only reason white Christian men have maintained such a long period of dominance so long is because they legally prevented everyone else from participating. You see how This leads to cognitive dissonance among Trump supporters. They don't want to complain about civil rights expansions in order to appear tolerant, but they still support Republican economic policies. It's mind blowing. This is why Trump's and Bernie's supporters share a kind of kinship (you should read how polite and complimentary of each other many [the white males] of them are, just look on reddit). The backlash against capitalism is just a repeat of populist backlash against the merchant class. Some of them believe strongly in an identity (identitarian neo nazis) while others simply believe in abolishment of capitalism. The perspective one has here tends to fall along identity. White males are more likely to be Trump supporters, because of their loss of "supreme" identity, while minorities and women are more likely to be Bernie supporters. The white male Bernie supporters are not all bad, of course, but they tend to be more problematic in their views than minority Bernie supporters. The point is that ancient Rome is actually terribly relevant, with Steve Bannon and his ilk going around propping up crypto fascists across the country, these neo Nazis are anxious for a new Caesar. What the Nazis don't understand is that if Rome had simply been more democratic, that would have relieved a lot of internal pressure. In the same way, the chaos we are seeing in our government is a result of this crisis in equality.
I live in Kelowna BC (not too far from Seattle) and got into a Facebook messenger 'discussion' with an East Indian kid at the University here who was spewing some serious anti-Semitism and was part of a UBCO alt right group. I'd put money on him.being the kid mentioned in the story.
For the commenter's here who have very little to spew other than hate and abuse; and the petty discourse of deconstruction they apply to European and European-derived culture, I'd offer you all the opportunity to engage in a debate, in good faith. Go to our websites, visit counter-current(dot)com and give a whack at actual engagement rather than simply spewing hatred for the Identitiarian movement. Leave some comments and see where it takes you.

You may discover that this movement isn't about hate or genocide or intolerance and that it actually has a long intellectual tradition and people are willing to talk to you in a serious and respectful manner(unlike the left).

When I was a liberal, I had absolutely no idea that the right-wing had a long and venerable intellectual tradition. When I began to investigate the right, I discovered just how vapid and bare the left was. How disingenuous, spiteful, and empty their discourse and "theories" were.

One comment in my defense, however, my first comment was an obvious troll, if you thought it was serious and that showed me to be a "liar" then you are simply a dolt. I was clearly making fun of David for inadvertently showing us in a good light and making himself look petty and childish. The left has lost all sense of humor I guess.
@73 - "You need to remember that "Nazi", "White supremacist", "bigot" and "racist" are all terms of abuse used by our political enemies."

You poor, pathetic nazi snowflake; no wonder you need the hidden safe space of a masonic lodge under an assumed name lol.
@77 - I'm surprised you dont blame "the left" for making you less of a man too. Or your lack of redeeming qualities. Or that ticket you got the other day.
The whole damn system is Whites-First & Whites-Only still: that that particular type ( as in logic's Theory of Types ) felt to be so covert is damn-near irrelevant to this POC rebel: I've seen most of this empire at eye level over they years, and can personally attest to the built-in White Favoritism in MOST aspects of life .Pah!
Note to My Fellow POCs in AmeriKKKa: Take you queue from both the Kurds & Catalunyans!!!
This article is absolute shit. Too much name-calling and not enough content and critique.

"A nazi with a brown coat went to the bathroom"

Put in real meat instead of invective crap... unless there isn't any, then just don't waste everyone's time
Please, journos and headline writers, stop perpetuating the slang “snuck” - the real word is “sneaked” and only takes up 2 more letters.
Ummm... maybe you should sneak into a super secret Antifa meeting next time. You will probably find it to be more in line with the “racism” you are out to expose and you won’t be freaked out by little girls in white dresses. I’m sorry for asking, but are you 100% sure this was a “white supremacy” meeting? I’ve never been to one and would never go, but usually ignorant Nazi racists don’t produce children who like to play Beethoven on the piano. Also, I’ve been criticized heavily for referring to the violence of Antifa and BLM groups as being associated with the left. Perhaps people on the right don’t like to be associated with white supremacy, Nazis etc. Just sayin’...
this article is so FAKE.

Hey 'David Lewis'
Dishonesty will get you nowhere if not to failure. I am not white nor am i 'supreme', but I understand why whites are better, with few exceptions like you. English is not my first language and I found your writing very amusing although, your hate, the biased jabs, and a talent for wording your imagination - is undeniable. I'm sure you won't be convinced so I'll leave you to whatever you are telling yourself and trying. And good luck with your dating choices on TV, it validates your hypocrisy.
Hey 'David Lewis'
Dishonesty will get you nowhere if not to failure. I am not white nor am i 'supreme', but I understand why whites are better, with few exceptions like you. English is not my first language and I found your writing very amusing although, your hate, the biased jabs, and a talent for wording your imagination - is undeniable. I'm sure you won't be convinced so I'll leave you to whatever you are telling yourself and trying. And good luck with your dating choices on TV, it validates your hypocrisy.👍
I'm bummed there wasn't any skinheads, lots of beer, Skrewdriver blasting in the background, and then clandestine gaying off afterwards as well.
The white right have become such pussies now, I'm embarrassed for them.
@87. You saw my dating show appearance? That's not even online anymore!
@77,, and all resolve to , which appears to be about "chromatographic liquid-liquid separation techniques" resolves to "Page not found".

Have a better URL?
@72 - Do please explain what you mean. It won't be too long before (natural) distributions of alleles will start becoming irrelevant., and maybe genetics itself will fade into irrelevance.
Everyone else still reading, please peruse these two important items on the concept of "facism":

What is Fascism? -- George Orwell, 1944
14 Common Features of Fascism -- Umberto Eco, 2016
@77, 90 - you left an s off the original web address:
This is by no means a perfect piece of journalism, and yes I'd like to see the audio files too.
But at the same time I think it's pretty transparent as to what kind of people are being involved, the blatant irrationality and racism in their minds.

Some of you are slagging off the article, as though the author needs to find some elaborate point for why all these guys are bad, AS THOUGH it's not clear enough that being racist is bad on its own???

Did y'all miss the part where the author mentions the people involved literally being very aware of their ideologies contrasting what is acceptable, and lying in order to get to a position of power, from which they can solidify their views? Did you all miss the part where they literally deny the holocaust or believe whites are the superior race (oh yeah apart from that SINGLE guy at the entire event, which some of you seem to so hung up upon as proof that 'not all white people').
Did you miss the part when they're encouraged to seem like good people, so they can get the media and people surrounding them on their side, and make themselves look like good people?

For an article that, according to so many of you, has been written so badly, it's insane how also so many of you fail to grasp the basic concept of 'these people are racist. racism is bad.'
Instead you're interested in making excuses as to why perhaps these guys are just not so bad, by nit picking on little, quite meaningless things compared to every other thing these people believe.

And if someone says that they can't possibly be racist because there was a mixed race guy there im gonna lose my shit

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