Not limited to Skagit County


oh, its pretty innocuous to shit in the woods if done properly. just scrape away the duff layer and then cover it up good again with moss and twigs. In season thimble berry leaves make the best natural t.p.


In these parts it needs to be spelled out, apparently.


The campaign was originally entitled "Poop in a Restroom Like a Civilized Human Being, You Hillbillies"


So they're as bad as Seattle, which by UN Health Standards is supposed to have 164 public restrooms, but only has six?


Look, people have to poo and pee. Stop pretending you can stop it, especially if you sell food or drinks.


@6- absurd hyperbole. The woods are vast. And I did say 'if done properly', and I specifically mentioned using a perfectly acceptable natural t.p. Scraping away a small amount of the duff layer is by no means digging up the forest. If you are referring to proper behavior in fragile alpine areas that is another matter entirely. Shitting somewhere discretely off-trail in our abundant, extensive lowland forests is in no way unhealthy for them. Stop trying to shame people.


I'm going to ask a sincere question, trying not to be snarky...

Have the organizers of the Skagit Tulip Festival and/or the Skagit County Public Works considered investing in some porta-potties, especially given that they know that "There’s a lot of things that happen in that parking lot?"


If the Festival doesn’t provide porta-potties they deserve shit


Humanure. Maybe they should call it the Skagit Valley Puckered Rose Festival.


@7 all true, and if one uses paper TP, a quick burn with a match or lighter is recommend.

@11 kallipogos is referring to when one has to go, and there aren't alternatives. Not the entire population of the US throwing away their toilets to shit in the woods.


And @8, @9, I have no idea. Are there really no port-a-loos?


@12 aaand that’s how you start a forest fire.


I am pooping...right now.


On the one hand, there is a certain baseline level of animals shitting in the woods. On the other hand, that is how we get the beaver trots.

@12 pack out your shitty toilet paper please. Not like you can burn any part of it that's... moist... anyway.


I've never lived anywhere before where defecation was such a prominent public problem.

Here's the thing about bathrooms, if put them where people can get to them, people will use them. Out in the woods, on the side of a mountain, doesn't matter, if people are there they will use them. Who in their right mind would turn down toilet paper when nature calls?


Mount Vernon gave Glenn Beck the key to their city. Poop is what they deserve.


If can you carry a 5 gallon bucke and some kitchen-size garbage bags in your Volvo, you're packing a Portable Loo. You can even get one of those swim noodles, cut it to length, put a slice lengthways in it -- for comfort.

For a little Privacy, toss a Blanket over your head, and you're Good To Go.

Don't forget the Tee Pee!


Sargon - Have you never been backpacking?? Kallipugos is absolutely right. Damn....


Holy shit, this shit went downhill fast. Shitting in the woods isn't complicated shit. Obviously, if there are porta-shits in the parking lot, or shitters in the shitty cabins, or the shitroom in the Mickey D's off the interstate, please use those. If you need to shit and those options aren't available, then dig a little shithole in the dirt away from the trail for shits sake. Use your boots, a stick, a rock, or your shitty hands if you didn't pack your shitspade. Take a shit, aim for the hole. Don't use hellshit poison ivy/oak to wipe. If you used shitpaper to wipe, then burn off the non-shitty parts with a flame source, it will go out, trust me. If your shit brains caused extra sparks, then stomp them out with your shitkickers and/or piss on them to avoid fires. Cover up your shitpile with dirt, leaves etc. and mash it all down with your shit covered boots, sneakers, footwear, etc. Nature will take care of the rest of the shit.


The problem is never one or two people shitting in the woods, it is dozens and dozens of people doing it.

The golden rule of the outdoors is leave no trace, and that includes shit. You should pack everything in that you pack out, but if you are too lazy or you just don't really care, finding an out of the way spot is not that bad, ON OCCASION.

But for the love of god, DO NOT LIGHT ANY FIRES. For people who actually know what they are doing and prepared, burning is fine, but you DO NOT know what you are doing, and you ARE NOT prepared, so don't light any fires.


It's okay when soccer moms act like mongrels in public, and they even get a PR campaign.
If a Rasta does that he will be legally executed by the WA cops. Seattle Times will applaud that.


"...and if one uses paper TP, a quick burn with a match or lighter is recommend."

NO. Forest fires are started this way. Bury your shit in a cat hole and pack out your TP. If you are on snow, pack out your shit, too.


@23 Your complaining about people shitting in the street while refusing to provide them with restrooms is perfectly consistent with your incessant complaining about homeless people living in the streets while voting for politicians who cut funding for the social safety net public housing, public mental health and deregulate pharma.


Sounds to me like Washington state has a porta-potti shortage. Folks you portray yourselves as the tech capital of the world and you can't solve a porta-potti shortage problem? If nothing else start a go fund me campaign you dolts.


Alternatively a 1% state tax on your centra millionaries should cover it and maintenance costs.


@18 DOUG: That certainly explains some shit.
@23 & @29: That's pretty condescending talk, muffy, for someone who doesn't regularly get her shots.

Jesus--I'm surprised they don't call it the Toilet Festival, nowadays! I grew up in Skagit County, where tourism has gotten worse every year. Anything for a buck. Nobody cares about smooth traffic flow, public health and safety. Back in the '80s some capitalist schmuck offered 'scenic helicopter rides over the fields'---for $250 bucks a passenger (how many parents with children can afford that?). This is by far the worst I have ever read about. How many street and highway clogging rubes, fighting over parking and restaurant seating during their annual invasion of Skagit Valley during the capricious month of April fail to vaccinate their kids, too? I'm so glad our building's landscaper plants lovely tulips along with the seasonal annuals every year. I don't miss that annual madness at all, and feel genuinely sorry for my friends and relatives who still have to put up with it.


@31: I'm glad there is at least Karen Dubose, Pollution Identification and Correction Coordinator for Skagit County Public Works. I really feel for Dubose and those like her--it sounds like they are fighting a bottomless, uphill battle of shit with no winnable solution in sight.
Since 1983 the main focus of the annual Skagit Valley Tulip Festival was to bring revenue to an otherwise economically repressed rural part of Washington State. Local restauranteurs, gift shop owners, innkeepers, and guided tour companies cheered, and have since been raking in the seasonal dough. Very little thought was given about addressing the sharp increase of traffic congestion or the availability of restrooms to large crowds of tourists venturing to fields on narrow roads, or the city streets of Mount Vernon, Burlington, Bow-Edison, Conway, and La Conner. Sadly, this lack of planning appears to have caught up with a vengeance thirty-six years later.


It's a shame that Skagit Valley Tulip Festival planners don't borrow a page from the Washington State Fair (formerly the Puyallup Fair) planners regarding traffic, sanitation, public health and safety. While it has been decades since I went to the Puyallup Fair (the Beach Boys had a concert), it seemed like the event coordinators really had a solid handle on accommodating large crowds and providing sufficient space.

Okay--Griz has said a shitload. Next commenter, please.


Crowning? Don't you mean prairie-dogging


Had to chase a lady out of my yard, dropping her pants behind my barn. Didn't realize this was such a problem till now. Can't wait for April to be over.


@34: ....said the pearl clutching RepubliKKKan apologist troll who loves Howard Schultz. Too many fleas, muffy? Quite often I find you infinitely jumpier than I. Take a hot soak and shave off that hideous rug. It'll do you wonders.
@36 Mark Johanson: You and everyone else living in Skagit Valley who has to put up with this annual shit has my deepest heartfelt sympathy. I second you on eager anticipation of May. Here's to a major county-wide mowing party for all who have suffered seasonal capitalism at its shameful worst yet after 36 years.


Here's an idea: maybe the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival could be held starting in 2020 at Sea-Tac International Airport instead of its annual greed-based, consumer-crazed destruction ritual location in the rural flood plains stretching from Conway to Bow-Edison. There reportedly is plenty of parking space at Sea-Tac (more than at Disneyland!!).
The city of Burien should be able to provide an adequate number of public bathrooms (Port-a-Potties, anyway), there would no longer be the unsanitary disgrace or gross inconvenience of people pooping on private property or in the woods (just watch for the Boeing 767s!) and there are roadways wide enough to amply accommodate the biggest over-priced, gas-guzzling tour bus or Winnebago. And just THINK of all the tourist dollars flowing into King County that could pay to decrease homelessness and rebuild decaying infrastructure! A lot of annoying problems solved! Except for the people of King County, Sea-Tac, and Burien......

I do have agree with DOUG @18--Mount Vernon did the people of Skagit County no favors by presenting Glenn Beck its key to the city.


@39: ....says the pearl-clutching Trumpty Dumpty and Howard Schultz apologist troll coming back for more. I don't poop in parking lots, muffy, in other people's driveways or behind barns like you do because I know better and don't have the "urge" to. Meanwhile, I suspect you're compelled to lift your hind leg anywhere your scruffy little canine head tells you to. Get house-broken. While you're at it, also get your shots, a shave (the hair is an ugly Barbara Bush wig blowup job---admit it!), and a flea bath.


@39: By the way, muffy (yes, I can spell, too), we all know you're full of shit. Maybe a colonoscopy would help.


@42 & @43: Rainier Beach basement? Oh, wait--you were referring to yourself. Never mind. You might want to come up for air now and then, muffy. I think the mold in your dank, dark fruit cellar is getting to you. old are you, muffy? Fourteen? It really sucks that your mom won't let you use the car for at least another couple of years, huh? Insurance will be a booger. Oh, well. At least there's Cocoa Puffs and Speed Racer. And one more thing: Howard Schultz sucks like a cheap vacuum. Choke on it.


@42: By the way, having spell check doesn't automatically mean you know how to spell or use grammar correctly, muffy. Is your mom "home schooling" you? That explains your rabid trolling. Maybe you could take a remedial class down at juvee.


We should start a similar campaign in Seattle

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