And the point of this piece? PACs comprise every flavor of political disposition, so it's it's quite disingenuous to just pick on one.

Instead of bothering these women, focus your efforts on overturning Citizens United -- unless that would upset the PACs that you worship and adore.


@1 Go easy, man. Sure, she didn't actually unearth any information of note, but this is by far the most journalism anyone at The Stranger has attempted in months.


"You can't just show up on my property."
"You are NOT from Fox news? NOR Seattle Times?"


6 - "On the other hand, I feel squeamish watching media target individuals, even financially successful ones, simply because they have different ideas of how government should be run."
MORON - THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT REPORTERS SHOULD DO. Go to a therapist to make your feelings better, rube.


Because you millennial dolts are incapable of higher thought:
The reporter has DEMONSTRATED how a few wealthy people with vested interests can manipulate politics by attacking media with cash. All the while hiding their intents behind a family-friendly facade that is also a tax write-off.


It's true, as pointless and needlessly divisive as this is (the whole idea is solely to stir up financial jealousy/animosity), it is the most work a Stranger "reporter" has done in at least five or six years as far as I can tell.

So, maybe a silver star? Or some kind of factory-defect gold star?


Interesting approach. I assume there will be a follow up piece in which random Sawant contributors who don't live in Seattle will be surprised by an unannounced visit from a repoter?

You could start with Mike Harper, a tech guy in Florida (donated $10 on 7/23/2019)

Another good choice would be Elizabeth Morris, a barista in Raleigh, North Carolina (donated $225 on 7/24/2019).

I am also curious about the George Brown, who is unemployed in Madison, Wisconsin (donated $150 on 7/24/2019). I am sure George would appreciate a random stranger showing up at his door to ask about his contribution.


Any time I fear I may not be stupid enough, I read Slog comments, and POOF!, I'm a little stupider for it.

Seriously, hbb, you aren't even trying with the falseness of that equivalency.


Well, on the plus side, no where near as entertaining as the Secret Service showing up at Spekulum's house to only find out he's a failed rapper who once got fired from his job as a barista (yet manages to live in an expensive single family home in Seattle?).


Great piece! Though I see the point others made regarding other sources of political money. Pick another PAC on the other side and repeat. The comparison would be very interesting.


Classic astroturfing. These people are allegedly paying thousands of dollars to get their message out but they don't want to talk to a reporter?


"On the other hand, I feel squeamish watching media target individuals, even financially successful ones, simply because they have different ideas of how government should be run."

What an extremely stupid argument.
Yes. God forbid a reporter "target" an individual by asking them questions about the out sized influence a handful of wealthy individuals can have on the political system.

How the fuck do we even KNOW what their "different" ideas are unless we hold them accountable and ask?

I mean holy fuck balls (let's go ahead and Godwin this) Nazis had "different" ideas about how government "should be run." And god forbid a journalist might've attempted to "target" them with inconvenient questions.


@14 Succinct and accurate.


It's the anonymity that bothers me - if you care enough to fund something, regardless of the amount contributed, why distance yourself from admitting that you did so? Are you embarrassed to stand up and admit your position? I say have the courage of your convictions, either way, and accept that some - or even many - will disagree.


@9 I took the point to be that "Moms for Seattle" was presenting itself as an organization of average mothers, when it fact it is a political organization set up by professionals and funding by the very wealthy, AKA astroturfing.


Further to @17 - and yes, I understand that these women in fact are not anonymous, since our intrepid reporter was able to find the list and track them down. Perhaps it's more like the fact that they won't own up to it. To me, the fact that an "unemployed" contributor shelled out $100 should be balanced with a "N/A" who ponied up $5K - I suspect the unemployed voter would be more forthcoming in advocating their position. Stand up, Moms, if you really care!


@1 All politics are local. Finding out who and what are behind these "moms" helps for a more informed voter.

@2 Five or six years? You must have forgot about Hickey and Meinert. Notwithstanding the Stranger is an entertainment and lifestyle outlet they still manage to get some scoops and do some reporting.


The female Seattle Illuminati? Interesting.


While I didn’t doubt that the French invented the guillotine, I did assume it was invented because it is a “cleaner” alternative to gory, screaming, repeated hacks with a sword or axe.

See: Scottish Maiden, Halifax Gibbet.

Which makes sense.

If you’re going to continue going door to door like this - especially if going solo - keep your hands as empty as possible and if someone knocks something out of them don’t bend down to pick it up.

I may have once come within an inch of shattering a retired sheriff’s jaw with a 360 spin/hook after he knocked a binder from my hand and attempted to suplex me when I bent down to pick it up.

Stopped myself, told him he’s lucky, he told me he’s going to get his gun, we ran in opposite directions.


@10 -- You obviously missed the point here. Every contributor that Ms. Graham visited has donated $5,000 or more. Every contributor you mentioned has contributed less than $250. There is a world of difference, and it is why people have tried to reform campaign finance. Those that afford to give huge sums (e. g. $5,000) have a lot more influence than those that chip in ten bucks. In general, this is how they have tried to regulate contributions -- by limiting how much you can give. Lacking that, the only recourse is to focus on those who give large sums -- like those in the article (not those you mentioned).


H'I'm a mom :D, AND a small business owner! So of course I know what is best for everyone in Seattle.


“I know what is best for everyone in Seattle.”

Squalid, shit filled encampments filled with out of town junkies who steal everything not bolted down, randomly stab people outside Nordstrom, rape moms at car dealerships and drop needles in our parks are good for Seattle?

Yeah, I’ll take Moms for Seattle any day.


@24 Oh look, German Sausage (is that your pedophile name too?) couldn't make it 24 hrs before calling "Moms for Seattle" nazis.


@24: gawd - just have to prove you're the meanest - silly boy


Do we know how many of these "Moms For Seattle" have actually birthed children?




"give you their money, you know. "

Well, there's the leftist mind at work. People should just expect other people to just give you free money/housing/stuff/drugs, just because.


"Do we know how many of these "Moms For Seattle" have actually birthed children?"

Well in a city where there's actual people who actually think "men" can birth babies, that's kind of an offensive question.


The sole redeeming aspect of this lightweight PC-smarm trifle was the reference to 99 Luftballons. That took me back a bit to the Neue Deutsche Welle!


"And to tell the truth," said Lenina, "I'm beginning to get just a tiny bit bored with nothing but Henry every day." She pulled on her left stocking. "Do you know Bernard Marx?" she asked in a tone whose excessive casualness was evidently forced.
Fanny looked startled. "You don't mean to say …?"
"Why not? Bernard's an Alpha Plus. Besides, he asked me to go to one of the Savage Reservations with him. I've always wanted to see a Savage Reservation."
"But his reputation?"
"What do I care about his reputation?"
"They say he doesn't like Obstacle Golf."
"They say, they say," mocked Lenina.
"And then he spends most of his time by himself–alone." There was horror in Fanny's voice.
"Well, he won't be alone when he's with me. And anyhow, why are people so beastly to him? I think he's rather sweet." She smiled to herself; how absurdly shy he had been! Frightened almost–as though she were a World Controller and he a Gamma-Minus machine minder."


@26 "Those that afford to give huge sums (e. g. $5,000) have a lot more influence than those that chip in ten bucks."

Moms for Seattle has spent $75,258.96 to date. Democracy vouchers have resulted in total payments of $1,421,800 to candidates to date.

Can you explain how $75,258.96 results in "a lot more influence" than $1,421,800?




So people with money who can keep the riffraff out with gates and security doors are bad. Got it. People who donate money to PACs are bad. Got it. This article is pointless and foolish. Got it.


Do any other Global "North" nation-states permit such chicanery? ( Is 'MAGAland even a true First-World country? Has it EVER been? Pfft!)


@26: The contributions mentioned @10 were to a candidate for Seattle City Council. Such contributions are capped at $500 per contributor, so there will not be any (legal) donations of ten times that amount.(

Any PAC contributing to any candidate is also subject to the same limit, so it would seem that you are the one missing the point here.


Just what we need. Reporters harassing people for their political contributions. What an un american, down right anti democratic thing to do. How long before some deranged leftist or rightist ends up shooting someone. Why they would require anyone to give their name and address to make a political contribution is beyond me. Simple question. If Fox news did this, how would you feel?


Also see:


What sort of a weenie doesn’t answer their door? If you’re that much of a coward and you’re that rich, get a damn housekeeper.

And what sort of snowflake gets involved in a PAC and then gets offended if she’s asked about it? Own it, lady!


@45 Can I have your address? I seem to live in territory hotly contested by the Jehovah's Witnesses and the Mormons, and it might save me a bit of hiding-in-the-bathroom time if I could just redirect them all to someone more amenable to long talks on the porch with strangers.


Eat the rich.


"I'm not a stranger," Natalie Graham said. "I'm a journalist."

Lololololol.... And I'm Freddie Mercury!


Robotslave dear, instead of cowering in your bathroom, why don't just just give them a poltite but firm "No thank you", and close the door? They'll get the message.


Nath - you are a proud feminist, no doubt, so forgive me when I tell you that I find it interesting how you unashamedly refer to another woman's laughter as "cackling". Did you feel empowered by your "journalist's" privilege when you wrote that? Bet you and Rich high-fived each other for your brilliant use of cackling in your "journalistic" piece. Can't wait to see what other adjectives you will use in your next confabulation.

And, Nath, you truly hit the ball out of the park when you told us how Laura McMahon "seemed to be quivering" when you walked, univited, onto her property hoping for a "gotcha" moment. That some silly woman dared to think for herself and get involved in Seattle politics clearly rankles you - and you couldn't wait to put her in her place. Bullying never felt so good. Go on. Give yourself another high-five.


And Americans wonder why there is so much anger, and misplaced rage in our country.
Well folks, it's "articles" like this that fan the flames of social discord. People like Ms. Graham continuously pontificate about Donald Trump's lack of empathy, his willingness to lash out at people, and his uncouth commentary. I'm going to call a spade a spade.

In one measly public therapy session, Ms. Graham managed to denigrate "real-estate agents," "homemakers," "consultants," and "retirees," simultaneously. Bravo. She also attempted to sneak in an Amazon dig, but it was hardly clever, and came across as desperate.

This young reporter made it seem as though she was trekking across unfriendly, and dangerous territory, dodging land mines, while battling heat stroke. Was she in Mosul? No. She was in Medina...and Madison Park. She now has PTSD from viewing an "Amazon package resting against a (sic) door." The horrors of it all.
The most traumatizing part of her journey was the approach to a front door that loomed before her. She describes in agony, "I was terrified to traverse what felt like a mile long driveway to her front door. But I did..." and then, she saw the fateful Amazon box.

I feel so enlightened to get a glimpse into Ms. Graham's heart and soul. She clearly believes that people who belong to the Seattle Tennis Club, and host events there are deviants. Untrustworthy, elitist ne'er-do-wells who should be shunned. Perhaps this is projection; due to the unworthiness she feels when engaging in racket sports.
On her public bio, she bemoans her lack of ping pong skills. Ms. Graham's covert love for ping pong must remain secret, as one of her colleagues, Rich Smith, has specifically denounced a member of Moms for Seattle because of her prowess on the tennis court!

The author of this tale wrote about fortresses, and inner sanctums at length. Maybe she is subliminally hoping that one day, actual facts will permeate the concrete shell surrounding her cerebral cortex.
In the meanwhile, while she is recovering from this treacherous mission, I say we all chip in for a gift card from somewhere nice to help sooth her soul. Amazon is always a popular choice.


By the way, since many of you are confused about political donations, they are NOT tax deductible. And for the people attempting to advance the notion that a few people donating 5k, wield much more power than thousands donating 5 bucks, go back to remedial math...oh and read about a certain someone in 2016 who raised 234 MILLION dollars with the average donation totaling $27. Good old Bernie.

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