News Jul 13, 2022 at 2:31 pm

To Stop the Bleeding at SPD, Harrell Has Suggested Major Hiring Bonuses for Cops

In #OneSeattle, the Mayor will work with the council to make sure we get more cops. Seattle Channel



Previous comments deleted?


It does't matter if bonuses attract new recruits, it's a nice thing for municipal employees who risk their lives every day for our safety and security.


@3 statistically, being a crossing guard is much more dangerous than being a cop, and they don't even murder anyone (on the job at least, I don't know their personal lives)

Wish the bus driver shortage got as much attention, I've felt their absence almost every time I try and get somewhere, but I don't remember the first or last time I needed more cops around.


I can’t believe finishing contract negotiations isn’t step one. Nobody wants to work in a position whose terms of employment are guaranteed to change within the next couple years. The last council failed to provide something that could pass the consent decree, will this council fail again?


Interesting Rantz take:


@7 -- "interesting Rantz take" is a logical fallacy.


the cops in that shit hole Alabama town that was pulling-over everyone for speeding were making $13/hr. This bonus amounts to more than their whole salary. lol


Why not just give every homeowner their choice of a Glock or an AR-15 (or maybe both)and a bulletproof vest and call it done? That's what this is about, protecting property rights, not safety. Renters and other riff-raff better mind how they go.

How many social workers could be hired with those $30,000 signing bonuses? We already know cops make a multiple of what teachers and social workers make…and now our Law and Order mayor wants to shove more money at them?

I just wish more young people voted…


Given this "hot mess" was caused by the stupid antics of the City Council, (defunding bull plop and other nonsense) why not take the money necessary to hire and recruit out of their fat salaries, benefits and retirement packages and office budgets.

Now that is what I would call efficient and effective budget management practices.... let the one who caused the problem, pay for the problem.

All those in favor say "Yeah".


Hannah yesterday:

"Will this city take every opportunity to better fund SPD and its cops, even when we know offering bonuses won’t work?"

Hannah today:

"Earlier this year, the Seattle Department of Human Resources (SDHR) found inconclusive evidence that hiring bonuses help attract cops."

She needs to decide whether she's a reporter or a columnist.

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