News Jul 26, 2022 at 4:49 pm

Sawant Bill Prohibits Cops from Processing Arrest Warrants for Abortions

Sawant sold the legislation as a way to make Seattle an "abortion sanctuary." HK



Way to go, Kshama Sawant!! Our bodies, OUR choice! Cruelly misogynist pigheaded men should NOT be governing our body autonomy!
May this inexcusably poor neofascist Extreme Court decision spell the permanent extinction of the GOP, and the Orange Turd and each of its RWNJ MAGA minions face life cornholed in prison. RepubliKKKans should be fully castrated, sterilized, and disinfected--PERIOD. I'm glad Seattle cops are being called on to do something besides engage in unwarranted violent shootings of citizens, and with Mayor Bruce Harrell's blessing.
Amy Coney Barrett, Brett Kavanaugh, Clarence Thomas and his Ginni-bitch, Neil Gorsuch, Samuel Alito, Jr., Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, and John Roberts should all be impeached for putting their own personal beliefs and special interests above HALF the population of the United States! By allowing this outrage, Roberts is no Chief Justice but a cowardly sell-out to RepubliKKKan neofascism and violent extremism.


Would've been nice if Sawant had supported Hillary Clinton in 2016 when it really mattered so we didn't get to this point, but I guess performative outrage always plays better than substance for Slog writers.


Thank god ( or whoever ) we've got a socialist on the city council, a member of the party that actually cares about people.

Democrats are capitalists. They only care about money.
Republicans are capitalists. They only care about money.


@2 Hillary won in Washington silly boy. More support would've just increased the 3M+ vote gap in the popular vote without changing anything. Good nitpick tho.


@4: Silly boy, CM Sawant knew that, which is why she didn't campaign against Hillary in Washington State; she campaigned in swing states to help elect Trump. CM Sawant did everything she possibly could to cost American women their reproductive freedom, and now her dupes are giving her credit for her tiny little symbolic nothing afterwards.

@3: Thank you for proving the Stranger's point:

"Sawant's opposition to Hillary Clinton was heard not only locally, but nationally. She made the case that Clinton was exactly the same as Trump ... Sawant's position on the election would return to haunt and hound not only her, but all other socialist candidates. If Clinton were elected, she would be fine, but if Trump were elected, those on the progressive side of the Democratic Party would cut links with those on the radical left. Their assessment? The socialists are a small group and are deeply unrealistic about the American political process."


this is going to be a tough one for cops. they're already pretty good about not doing their jobs. but since this is related to abusing women they may not like being prohibited from doing so


You're either on the side of sane people, or you're on the side of the rapists and sex-offenders and authoritarians.
There is no middle ground.


@3, @8: Democrats were (and are) reliably pro-choice. Republicans are completely anti-choice. Therefore, anything which helps get a Republican elected -- such as CM Sawant's campagining against Hillary Clinton in 2016 -- harms a woman's right to choose.

Thus, by your own logic, CM Sawant was on the side of the authoritarians.


Comrade Sawant - such a media whore.

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