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Very Progressive Vote from a Very Progressive Council

Everyone's pro-work until the grocery stores don't wanna give them an extra $4 an hour in a COVID-19 surge LESTER BLACK



And for those of you who think this will somehow translate into a reduction of your grocery bills, I have only this to say -


What will happen in reality is that frustrated, overworked, underpaid grocery workers will start leaving their jobs (after all, there are plenty of other, far less stressful - not to mention hazardous-to-their-health things they could be doing for such lousy pay), leaving stores short-staffed, which will actually translate into longer, slower checkout lines, reduced customer service, emptier shelves, and lots of people complaining about all of these things.


Do the grocery workers “die” at any rate that’s different from everyone else? Why not bar and restaurant workers earning “hazard pay?” What about police, fire, first aid? Nursing home? Health care? Teachers? Students? How about workers at Home Depot? Kristen Kreme?

No one’s made any compelling argument that a hazard pay increase that was implemented when grocery stores were the “only” thing open should continue forever when everything else is open.

Don’t like it? You’re welcome to quit.


@1 If the stores start losing workers then they will raise wages to retrain/attract new workers. That's kind of how the whole free market thing works. Per the article the union that represents the workers wanted this to end so their new contract can kick in. I thought TS was pro union so why go against the union and undermine a negotiated contract?

As I said earlier if Sawant actually wanted to address this and not just use it as a me me me thing she is free to introduce legislation to raise wages for grocery workers. In fact there was another item on the agenda today, the capping of delivery fees, that also started during Covid. Pederson and Strauss got together and wrote legislation to make it permanent. The actually wrote shit down on paper, put it through their committee and then sent it front of the whole council. When was the last time Sawant actually wrote legislation (not counting her completely worthless resolutions)? No one knows it's been so long. Sawant is a clown and the fact that Hannah and TS carry her water and play her up make them clowns too.


the last few months, almost none of the grocery workers I have seen are even wearing masks. Tell me again how terrified they are of their dangerous working conditions.


Well, well the sponsors of this "hazzard pay" flew the coup... when it came time for the vote. It shows that much like a weather gauge they go where the political winds carry them. What a set of tools... dull ones to be sure.

I don't object to the $4 hazard pay concept, but it should be paid by the government as part of the covid relief assistance. Why put this "government mandated special burden" solely on the grocery store. We all benefit from the grocery worker, why put the cost on a single employer and then say "oh well ha, ha, ha" live with it.

There will be many here who simply say... they are big businesses, they can afford it. Well, its always easy to be generous with other people's money. Most of those big businesses are corporations and their shares are held by many people who plan to retire or have saved to retire... so its really your and my money ultimately which is being used if one stops to think it thru.


Yeah, if anyone actually DESERVED hazard pay, it's the doctors and nurses that are burnt the fuck out over the past 2 1/2 years. Grocery store workers that don't give a single fuck about customers or their job aren't anywhere near the top of the list. I would rather use self check out every time I go to the store than wait in line and have yet another person handle my groceries. I have a friend who is an ER nurse and she's overworked, underpaid, and burning out quick. But oh no, the guy stocking cabbage got an extra $4/hr while the city's response to the healthcare workers was "let's all go outside at 7pm and cheer them on!"

The pandemic has transitioned into an endemic. None of them wear masks anymore anyway, which if they were so concerned with tHe PaNdEmIc, you'd think they would continue to do. It's time to end the extra $$.


Y’all are like jealous crabs in a bucket.
Bet most of you don’t even work for a living anymore.
Grocery chains made obscene profits price gouging during the pandemic. Workers served YOU.
Now you will ‘enjoy’ crappy service at understaffed stores.


COVID cases are finally dropping, after spiking up until last week.

However, Monkeypox is real. Stop touching each other. You won't like it if you get it. At all.

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