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Prosecutor Candidate’s Criticisms Lack Evidence, Would Waste Taxpayer Money

Will we keep using data-driven strategies to keep kids out of jail or waste a bunch of taxpayer money on pointless paperwork? It's up to you! Daniel Zender



If juvenile records were automatically sealed in K.C. except for maybe a specif list of crimes, then this wouldn't matter nearly as much.


This is a worthwhile discussion, but it need not be opinion and ideologically based. How about the program be submitted to an audit, where a disinterested research entity obtain all referred files, and review the charges, the disposition and a 5 year follow up with each youth with respect to future events/arrests? Report these results in detail without specific identifiers, to the public.

Results and facts matter. And I dispute the notion that having a case number impacts future life prospects. If a similar process of pre-trial diversion with court oversight took place, the youth upon successful completion can have records sealed or expunged, just like many 1st time adult misdemeanor offenders.


So let me get this straight: Ferrell says that you shouldn't be eligible for diversion if you bring a gun to school. Will Casey says that when Ferrell takes that position he's lying about the program, but then immediately admits that someone who brings a gun to school is in fact eligible for diversion. In other words, when Will claims Ferrell isn't telling the truth, it's actually Will that isn't telling the truth.

What the hell kind of garbage writing is this?


Jim Ferrell is a piss-poor mayor of Federal Way, and doesn't understand the complexity of problems for poor people at all. He had a mostly useless "Pacific Events and Activities Center" built in downtown Federal Way, and then, 5 years downstream it was still an economic nonstarter so he repaid a PEAC loan with $400K from the State budget for homelessness projects in Fed Way. He chose to pay off a mortgage instead of recognzing the growing homeless problem in Fed Way! Fuck, no.
He is unable to articulate a future for Federal Way. Jim is somewhat of an elitist who assumes that he's always right. WTF
Leesa Manion for chiief prosecutor!


@4 Thank you for your service. As a resident of Fedway and a long time Jim hater, I appreciate you.

I'm hoping the only good that comes out of Jim's prosecutor run is that more people across FW and the county come to realize what a piece of shit the guy is.


It can’t be emphasized often enough that the purpose of diversionary programs is not to keep persons out of jail generally, but to prevent one stupid (and often youthful) mistake from creating a permanent record which dogs someone for the rest of his life. For example, If a first offense had a student feeling sufficiently threatened to bring a gun to school to protect himself, then he should go through this diversionary program, including an investigation to determine if he was correct in feeling that threatened, and counseling for better responses to feeling so intensely threatened.

The problem with the Stranger’s reporting on this issue comes from both the Stranger in general, and this writer in particular, having drunk the abolitionist Kool-Aid. Sending the same persons through the same diversionary programs multiple times, with no resultant change in the behavior which keeps getting the person arrested, simply wastes a good diversionary program. Even Seattle’s famously liberal voters finally had enough of the de facto abolitionist policy of not ever charging homeless persons with most crimes, and rejected both the undeclared and declared abolitionist candidates for City Attorney. Rather than admit this has happened, the Stranger keeps advocating for diversionary programs and abuses thereof, as an underhanded way of imposing abolition on an electorate which has rejected it at the polls. This merely threatens diversionary programs, without accomplishing the Stranger’s abolitionist goal. It has also robbed the Stranger of the credibility needed to participate in Seattle’s civic dialog on diversionary programs.

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