News Aug 29, 2022 at 9:00 am

Guess Which Council Members Side with Which Interest Groups

The two groups disagree on which organizations should conduct the cannabis equity study. Rob Dobi



Equity tax on weed?

But equity and extortion don't pair well.


Weed equity? Where’s the Beer Equity… and Wine Equity… and, most importantly, Whisky Equity? Fast food equity?

Do we have Comment Equity? Or is it Comment Justice?

Hey, look, another Task Force!


This article seemingly makes the case for Nelson's amendment. Having an impartial third party conduct the study does not preclude any cannabis locations from unionizing nor curtail union activity. The community impacted is asking for an impartial study yet Mosqueda is swayed more by the union who is telling her they speak for black/brown workers? If Mosqueda rams this through and the study comes back supporting mandatory unions in cannabis locations that receive preferential treatment can anyone take that seriously?


"Guess Which 'Newspaper' Side with Which Interest Groups"

Let's see, could it the The Stranger, that advocates yet another TAX on everybody? Some advocate for poor people you are, Hannah.

If Mosqueda is so intent on raising the cost of living for everyone for her social goals, why doesn't she revoke the 'Starbucks exemption" on the sugar tax? Seattle's sugar tax, which taxes sugar drinks supposedly preferred by Blacks, exempts lattes,supposedly preferred by whites racists.


Better legal than not, but an industry that profits on addiction and escapism is kinda sad.


Okay let me see if I understand.

Two black community groups want to see the study performed by a neutral and independent third-party.

Mosqueda wants the study to be conducted by a specific union group that stands to gain or lose influence based on the outcome of the study.

Mosqueda then tells the Black Community groups that she knows best what is really in the interests of the black community.

I’m not sure what to call that but I don’t think Mosqueda is on the side of equity here.


@5: No more than wine, liquor, beer, tobacco, and even caffeine industries. Tell me how those are not profiting off of "addiction" and "escapism". Not to say that profiting is bad, in fact it's great capitalism.

That straight and narrow judgmental attitude is what's sad.


@7 Yeah the alcohol and tobacco industries are angels. And “sin” products make for more regressive taxes (35%+ for cannabis??)


"Better legal than not,
but an industry that profits on
addiction and escapism is kinda sad."

like teevee or
anti-Social media?

weed helps me
thru pain
plus it's

and Booze
seems to do
the Opposite.

'That straight
and narrow judg-
mental attitude is what's sad.'

an Epiphany?
well Played!


@9: We do make an interesting Venn diagram.


What could possibly go wrong?

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