Cops arrested one person in connection with the shooting. Lester Black



Nothing new here.
We’ve known for a long time that nuts with guns does not equal a well-regulated militia.


Thank you police, schools, and other frontline workers that worked for the best possible outcome to today's events.


As we all know the solution is always more guns. Seasoned with a helping of inert thoughts and prayers, of course.


It will be interesting to learn more of the backstory of this case. Bullied kid striking back? Gangbanger settling a score? A crazy who shouldn't have had access to firearms?

The thing is that gun violence can have many causes, and there is no single 'silver bullet' (pun intended) that will solve the problem. We will need to work together and approach the issue from multiple angles (de-stigmatizing mental health issues, discouraging crime, controlling access to firearms, etc.).

The sad reality is that we have created the perfect storm of a violent, nihilistic, individualistic culture, a refusal to proactively treat mental health, and waaaaayyyyy too many guns floating around out there in the hands of irresponsible (or batshit crazy) people. It will take a lot of work and unprecedented cooperation to get that genie back in the bottle.


@4, more details tbd. This could have been much worse. I hope our schools put some interim measures in (metal detectors?) until we can get society sorted out on guns and conflict in America. Public schools are already hanging on by a thread, families need to be reassured their kids are safe.


@3, No the solution is to figure out why we commit 2x to 8x more murders and assaults against each other than other economically developed democracy, when comparing non-gun crimes.

It doesn't matter what weapon is used to assault or murder if they are done at 2x to 8x the rate. Those assaulted or murdered, are no less assaulted or murdered, no matter the means used to assault or murder.

Address that problem, and the means of assault or murder becomes superfluos.


no way to prevent this, says only nation where this regularly happens


Jayapal, Mosqueda, and Farivar can't even muster the decency to wait 24 hours until more facts come in before politicizing the tragedy.


Yup. We must have more guns. Always more guns. America is such a unique and magical place. The solutions that work in almost every other wealthy OEDC nation have no way of working under the special US magical force field of perfect gun-ness which only allows more gun inside.


@9, We have 2x to 8x the rate of murders than comparison countries even when crimes committed with guns are excluded from the comparisons. That tells you its us.

But by all means lets do "something" so when nothing changes we can stay we tried.

Alternatively, we can use the best evidence for what lowers violence, and change outcomes.


@10, yes, the US seems to have waaaay more violent nutters per capita than other countries.

There may be more dangerous places, but it’s usually driven by economics, cartels, ie some specific reason. Here, it’s just random psycho violence and anger.


@8 In what way was Jayapal politicizing this tragedy?

"Absolutely heartbreaking. My office is monitoring this situation and will continue to provide updates and assistance as information becomes available."

Is compassion political now? If so, why are you taking the bold anti-compassion stance?


Man. Since America is such a uniquely violent place then it would be common sense to not allow a nation of homicidal maniacs casual access to amassing arsenals of killing weapons.

But no. All these extra violent Americans should clearly be given more guns. Because somehow that makes sense in upsidedown crazy land of gun nut fuckwad mentally ill loser dipshit on Slog. In Dipshitsan more guns is the only acceptable answer.


Here is a question for others. I have my opinion. Would especially like to hear from Ingraham students and other high school students: Ingraham has called off classes for Wednesday and Thursday. Does the community feel that a full two days off is helpful to the students and teachers or reinforces a non-helpful message and can be damaging to one's health? Would it not be better to be together in class, do the school work and if people feel like it, discuss the events and their feelings in the school setting?


Kids shouldn't be bringing guns to school. There ought to be a law.


@13, "it would be common sense to not allow a nation of homicidal maniacs casual access to amassing arsenals of killing weapons."

Any object, by its manner of use, becomes a killing weapon. Going to deny them access to knives to cut their food with? Gasoline? Glass bottles to hold gas? Castor beans to make Ricin? Rags? Fertilizer? Pesticides? Skateboards that The Stranger reports are used to club people in the head? Wood for making a bow? The list is to numerous to fit in this post.

All that changes, if you don't address our increased propensity to violence, is the object chosen to accomplish the deed.


This sucks and it is heartbreaking. My wife and I are friends with Ingraham parents, and according to a student tweet, this incident started as a fist fight in a boys restroom and escalated into gun violence. If this is indeed true, then to me it signifies the problem is with how we raise young men in this country. We gotta teach them that being vulnerable is not a sign of weakness. Having compassion for others is not a sign of weakness. Settling differences by talking or telling a trusted adult isn’t a sign of weakness, or snitching it is how we expect reasonable adults to behave. And shit man, I got into some fights as a teenager, sometimes it comes down to that despite your best efforts to avoid it. Why couldn’t it have been settled with just fists? Sometimes I defended myself admirably and sometimes I got my ass kicked but always that was that. It ended it. And I told my parents. But now it seems like young men don’t know how to take an L. They can’t just work through their anger in a reasonable manner and these weak cowards grab a gun.

Along with all the other perfectly sane and fucking reasonable calls for far more restrictive and sensible gun control in this country (Id melt them all down if it were entirely my call), we have to teach our boys that weakness is okay. Vulnerability and compassion are what allow people with differences can coexist peacefully. Knowing how to be loving and kind is the best kind of strength. It’s what makes one a real man.


@14, Ingy grad here.

The Veterans Day holiday is coming up, so why not give the kids a couple extra days off when one of their classmates was killed, is what I'm guessing they were thinking. They can talk about it with their family, then talk about it at school when they return.


@8 just shut up you infinite loser. its super political that a kid gets murdered in school by a gun.

weird how a country full of guns and with no functioning system to support and maintain mental health has this stuff happen all the time. but yeah, not a political issue. /s


@12: I stand corrected.

Addressing the "root causes of crime" (Mosqueda) and "common sense gun responsibility" (Farivar) are tired and sophomoric responses. Input, such as from @17, is refreshing.


Keep talking about it abstractly, but talk is talk. I was there. I helped a student not have a panic attack in lockdown in my classroom. This shouldn’t happen. But it does in our country almost every day. Other places have teen mental health issues and violence, but not as much death or trauma to fix after the fact. Guns are the difference.

There are many facets to fix, but guns are the biggest, easiest one to change, and until we enact meaningful restrictions, deaths and trauma will continue in schools. Stop arguing the same tired positions. Regulate guns now.


@17: "snitching"

Snitches get stitches. That's the culture being spread among our youth these days. Tell a trusted adult, or worse yet the police and you'll be branded for the rest of your life (or at least the youthful part). It's the glorification of the gang culture. Which couldn't survive without alienating figures of authority. Remember, ACAB.

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