News Nov 9, 2022 at 4:04 pm

One Suspected Shooter, One Allegedly Found with the Shooter's Gun

Parents wait for their 15-year-old son to appear in court after the police arrested him for allegedly holding the gun for the suspected Ingraham High School shooter. They say he's a good kid. HK



Hannah, are you suggesting that the appropriate action is that these "children" should be sent to bed without dinner and their allowances be suspended?


This story is not a good candidate for the usual Stranger comments section free-for-all.


I really liked the way she wrote the piece. These are children, not "children".


Am I the only one wondering about the position of those who scream “no youth jail!”

Should the alleged shooter go free, or should he bunk with the men at the King County Jail? Just curious.


Maybe they should arrest the parents. How did these kids get the gun? How are the one kid’s parents home all the time, yet still apparently instead of their child’s involvement with this kind of situation?

I’ve got questions.


Aww won’t anyone think of the poor chiiiiiiildrennnnn here? You know, the ones shooting people or holding guns?


@6: I meant “still apparently UNAWARE”


“The 15-year-old asked the judge to stay with his parents instead of going to jail…“

There must be a way to write this that doesn't lead one to imagine the judge living in the parents' home:

"The 15-year-old asked the judge [whether he could] stay with his parents instead of going to jail…"


"The defence requested that the 15-year-old be allowed to stay with his parents instead of going to jai…" (the court or the judge as the object of the request is implied, but not necessary).


Ginx, Tito and Cookies need to go away for a long time AND turn on the syphillitic puss bubbles that pressured them into this. Travis is dead, Eb is dead. This shit needs to STOP!


If the kid is so good and the parents so responsible (hey they’re home all day!) then how did he have a gun and get mixed up in a murder?

I don’t think a kid should be overpoliced, especially if he is just an accessory, but I think the judge is making a responsible decision here.

If he is a “good kid” then perhaps a couple days in jail shapes his ass up and he and his family work so he never goes near a jail cell again. Bad choices should carry consequences.


Of course the Slog Dipshitistan Commentariat needs their pound of flesh.

Yes, 14 and 15 years old is a child. Both medically, legally, and morally. Your thirst for revenge and your fear doesn’t alter that fact.

Children can kill. But they do not yet have the full cognitive ability to fully appreciate what that means. And in a crazed society where the solution to violence is always more guns than more children will be in a position to kill.

Here is the logical of extension of the above comments. We change all our laws governing the reality of what is adult to suit the blood lust of the shit for brains on Slog, and then:

1 Child labor is back baby! 2 Sex with minors is okay. 3 And Children are suddenly eligible for life sentences and the death penalty.

This is the line of thinking in here.


@12: Nobody's thinking is anywhere near that. You're exaggerating again.


Avril Rothrock is the judge and she usually releases criminals upon arrest, so it's shocking that she hasn't released these child killers yet.

Remember that Rothrock released some children who cut off their court-ordered ankle devices and then murdered a Pot Shop owner in Tacoma.

She's probably waiting until the media attention subsides.



This is just really sad. They are stupid little kids, and now shit is really bad. I feel so incredibly sad for the kid who died, his family, the pain they are in. These other two kids lives are fucked, and the accessibility to guns has sealed their fate. Remember when you were 14? I was SO naive, I can’t imagine these kids are mature enough to even fathom how bad shit is for them.


@14 how’d that Red Wave turn out for you, Trolly?

Maybe time to whip up another sock puppet you think?


"Two children held in jail."

GTFO of here with that nonsense. One is an alleged murderer, and the other is an alleged accessory.

Comments like @12 encapsulate the free for all zeitgeist in our community. Let the poor gangbanging minors go free...oh wait, with an ankle monitor! Their poor wittle minds are underdeveloped.


One has to wonder what type of parenting both of these "children" rec'd. Were they raised by wolves? What responsibility do the parents share in this very, very tragic event?

How does a 14 year old get a gun and bring it to school?

Frankly, I think charges should be levied against the parents of both the "children".


@10 so it sounds like you know the players here. Sounds like Travis lost his life to overdose therefore this crime was drug related? And I heard Eb was a well liked, well known character so what happened here? Rumors of bullying are hurtful. I hope the truth comes out but even with that, nothing will bring back the victims. Such tragedy

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