News Nov 23, 2022 at 2:34 pm

A Look at Wins and Losses for Key Seattle Stakeholders

If everyone in this illustration just fell down where they stood but didn't stain their clothes too badly, that would basically describe the results of the City's budget battle. GABI GONZALEZ-YOXTHEIMER



We already have a Seattle Housing Authority, and the Housing Our Neighbors PDA up for vote in February - what would a third housing authority offer? Why have three separate agencies?



Political Patronage. Another agency will mean that many more 6-figure salaries for otherwise unemployable people with Masters Degrees in Social Work.

Have some heart, without another agency a lot of these people are only qualified to work as Starbucks baristas.


According to Hannah and TS only city employees and left wing activist groups are the only view points that netter in the budget discussion. Residents of Seattle and business owners can get lost I guess even though they are the ones paying all these wonderful taxes.

As for messing with the wrong socialists that is hilarious. Sawant hasn’t been relevant since the “mostly peaceful” protests. Her act is stale and no one fears her anymore. Btw still waiting on her rent control legislation she has been promising for the last decade lol


“…or try to nab one of their seats in 2023.”

Oh yes please, Stranger, find some “progressive” opponents for current Council Members. You want candidates who make your darling CM Sawant appear balanced, reasonable, and accomplished. Make current Council Members match crazy for crazy in the primary elections. Sure, Nikkita Oliver left without even saying goodbye to you, but you can find others of similar caliber to fly your freak flag. Line ‘em up!

Then, after voters have spoken like they did in November of last year, you can again publish a screaming, scolding editorial rant, telling them to shut up. It never gets old; trust me on that.

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