Shortly before 8 am Seattle police shot a 39-year-old man downtown. 

A hospital spokesperson said the man was in critical condition with a gunshot wound to his stomach and hand. 

According to police, this morning cops investigated a stabbing at Second Avenue and Cherry. They say they found the suspect a few blocks away, near First Avenue and Spring, at which point "an officer involved shooting occurred." 

In a statement to press, Assistant Chief Todd Kibbee connected the shooting to the stabbing and said cops “recovered” a knife at the scene. SPD will release video of the incident within 72 hours, but they wouldn’t provide any details about the officer who shot the man.

Two witnesses who work nearby said they heard “shots” and then went outside to find an ambulance already on the scene and approximately five responders working on the injured man. They also noticed a K-9 unit on scene. 

Cops said the Independent Force Investigations Team remains in the area and nearby streets will stay closed for at least another hour. 

This is a developing story.