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After the Protester Filed for an Order of Protection, Choe Posted Their Workplace Online

Thousands of protesters flooded downtown streets last month to demand a ceasefire. Among the crowd were Gabriel Jones and fallen KOMO reporter Jonathan Choe. ALEX GARLAND



So much wrongness in one place. I feel sorry for the glasses.


Jones acted like a childish bully. Disagreement is allowed. Filming in public is allowed. WTF is wrong with the liberals (or il-liberals) in this city?!


There is more violence in a Seattle area over 50 soccer match - and we are a diverse group.


The Jonathan Choe stickers around Seattle are lit AF.


Choe and any other person has a Constitutional right to video record anyone at a public event. Gabriel Jones has zero right to impede that lawful conduct. Shame on the Stranger for not pointing that out.


Jonathan Choe is an outstanding reporter and has never been aggressive and only acts in self-defense. He is the epitome of how photojournalists should be in getting the truth out.

Keep safe Jonathan.


I love the passive "wanted to make sure Choe left" as if it was just some normal, natural thing to be able to do in public to people engaging in legal public recording, that you can just escort them away if you don't like their opinions, in such a way that ends in a physical confrontation.

Also have to laugh at just immediately accepting the "Choe stopped suddenly" line, as you have to wonder how helpfully and normally you'd have to be walking behind someone to whack into them and knock their shoe off.


Choe was fired from KOMO nearly two years ago. I know the Stranger loves to complain about Sinclair affiliates, but I'm still struggling to see why his former employment merits mention in the headline.


hbb and LittleRainman - Jonathan Choe is not an outstanding reporter. For most people in Seattle area who have heard of him, he is known because of his KOMO "Seattle is Dying" newscasts, so "Former KOMO Reporter" is appropriate. I'm still amazed that Sinclair fired a person for being too right-wing.


“How dare people record me while I’m shouting loudly on the street to raise awareness about an important issue. Those people might make me look like an ass. Everyone look away. Don’t you know protests are private? Only good people get to watch”


12, that says it all about where in the political spectrum many regular commenters on this site fall on when they support him, someone who got fired by right wing KOMO for being too far right.


@14: According to this headline post, after Choe arrived in a public park for a public demonstration, one of the organizers repeatedly tried to run him out of the park, harassing him and shouting insults the entire way. If the point of that was to increase sympathy for Choe, it probably worked really well. Nobody wants to receive verbal and possibly physical abuse for behaving in a legal manner in public.


Another day of gratitude Choe Stayed in Seattle.

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