News May 15, 2024 at 5:54 pm

KUOW Identified the Anonymous Donor as University Village Owner Stuart Sloan

The playground proposal is dead, but the fight to save Denny Blaine isn't over. SOPHIE AMITY DEBS



So Stuart Sloan is the person responsible for that horror show University Village? Figures. QFC is but a shell of its former self since he sold to Kroger.


And let me just quietly murmur that I knew who the donor was back in December. I don’t know why it took everybody so long to figure it out.

See comment 12…..l


Catalina, you are truly the best!


Wow, definitely the equivalent of 18 1/2 minutes of missing audio from Nixon’s tape recordings.


Calm yourself, Ahab dear. My reaction to U Village belongs to me, and has nothing to do with you, Capitalism, or the downtown retail market. It's just that I dislike chain stores and crowds. If I need to go to a mall, I go to Southcenter, which has much more parking and more selection. That's all.

But now that you bring it up, you sound like one of those people who wring their hands over downtown, but haven't been there in years. As someone with decades of experience with downtown Seattle, both as a resident and an employee, I think the current state is akin to the time after Frederick's and I. Magnin closed. Neither of those closures had anything to do with downtown Seattle. It was the result of leveraged buyouts of the 80's and the unfortunate consolidation of retail into that nouveau Sears we call Macy's. No one shops downtown because there's no place to shop.


If nothing else, I love that this rich prude's attempt to undermine nudity at the public beach near his house directly caused the public attention and engagement that will likely lead to the city codifying into law everyone's right to be nude at that beach specifically. This blew up in his face so beautifully. Get used to it or start averting your gaze, my guy.

Oh also, here's my surprised face upon hearing the mayor favors the opinions of rich people: =^|


one, i am following catalina's comment form now on

and two, lol, democracy isn't real


How do I get the mayor's private cell number, too? I've got issues with a lack of public restrooms in Seattle, and those @#$%! concrete blocks all over Ballard streets that I'd love to discuss with him. At my house, of course. That's how business gets done in Seattle these days. I'll serve proper tea and crackers at our meeting.


So the parks department was blatantly lying when they said "The park was identified as needing a play area as it sits within a neighborhood that currently doesn’t not have a play area within a 10-to-15-minute walk.", and Sawant was 100% right when she stated: “I find it difficult that it is honestly about a playground.”

I think Harrell deserves an Oscar for his bold-faced lies to the public and shameful groveling at the feet of the ultra-wealthy, not his alleged support of labor.

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