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"Rich went to go be Clint Eastwood"? Do you guys have editors anymore? This is the most poorly written article I've ever read.
it's weird that they called themselves the league since that was the name of the human trafficking group out of bellevue; there was a lot of media attention around it last year when some of its members (execs at amazon, Microsoft, doctors) were arrested.
Wow this article is absolute pile of garbage. Its like a 4th grade book report. You had an opportunity to make a snarky story about a pretty funny topic and all we got is this heaping pile of shit. The stranger used to be hilarious - what happened?
#3 sadly liberal group-think happened and took all the fun out of The Stranger and Seattle. But hey! Barring the poor writing by a future CNN correspondent or Hedda Hopper wannabe, one should feel gratified that the "elites" are banding together via the newest app to create a future San FranSeattle that everyone can enjoy and be a part of, regardless of race, financial, sexual orientation, employment or educational status. Everyone's happiness is sure to follow soon!
This was beautiful and fun. Fogies could learn to respect new diction.
jesus, get an editor. this presented virtually no info, just a shitload of snark. "fogies need to respect the new direction" lol.
Such of a wonderful opportunity wasted.

Could you imagine what Dominic or Goldy would have come up with? Or even Josh and Erica?
Poorly written and just dickish. Why make fun of people looking for a date? It's not like this is a white supremacist app or anything like that, unless they left out the part about the second grade teacher and the medical student's bigotry.
Agree we could have gotten a little more info about the League. We don't really walk away being able to form an opinion. I'd be fine with a edited dating app, but my own experience with the League (signing up for shits and giggles and then being waitlisted for months) suggests that they are underfunded and having some trouble spinning up. There SF and NY launches were ages ago, and if they are just getting to Seattle now, things can't be going well.

I think the problem is that they went in looking for a hit piece, expecting to finally find the Snidely Whiplashes who rule the world and kick sand into the eyes of the poor... but all they found were a bunch of pretty normal, boring human beings acting exactly the way you'd expect ordinary people to act at any institutionally-organized "mixer."
Yelp Elite parties in the 2000s were way more fun AND way more likely to get you laid. By adults, tho.
"It was in Ballard. (Of course it was.)"

I would have thought SLU.
I love The Stranger's snarky articles, but I'm a bit confused by this one, too.
@11 - 100%. Teachers are awesome and I wouldn't be literate without my 2nd grade teacher, but 2nd grade teacher is what i think when a dating site says its for the CEO class...

This is just another tinder with a marking gimic.

Call me a knuckle-dragging cretin, but I though it was funny.

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