Rage industry: time to break some stuff. the stranger


"The concept for her business was inspired by a scene from Zombieland"

I guess that makes for a good corporate origin story, but seeing that rage/anger rooms have existed in other cities for years and years I'd bet that she was inspired by those businesses elsewhere.
Antifa deplorable might want to look into that as therapy as opposed to instigating assaults on innocent people or vandalising their own neighborhoods. Can't wait till Trump wakes them a terrorist organisation, finally.
I can see it all now, we can do franchised rage rooms, red ones for conservatives, blue ones for liberals. Cons can beat on statues of Nancy Pelosi and libs can throw rocks at Trump statues, and so on and so forth.

Should be very successful, I mean rage is something that we humans always seem to have a surplus of, all it needs is a socially acceptable outlet. This could be it.

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