Savage Love Jun 21, 2022 at 4:00 am

Pride and Preference

Joe Newton



Even white guys feel marginalized when they're not sexy enough. That's the price of the human condition. For those who feel marginalized, avoid self-centered thinking and instead become "unmarginalized" by doing good works and charity for others. In other words, stop pouting.


I consider all of this so-called "racism" to be ridiculous nonsense. If you're not attracted to members of a certain race, that makes you racist? Since when does it make sense to compare taste with bigotry?

Also, I have to wonder what these "marginalized" whiners hope to achieve. Will they be satisfied when someone who isn't attracted to them claims to be, even though he isn't? "raindrop" makes some excellent suggestions for how they should spend their time.

And finally, anyone who calls himself VGL runs the risk of being seen as a conceited, arrogant asshole no matter how good he may look, so why would anyone with any class, manners, and integrity be interested?


Those JMPGs are really missing out. It’s their loss! They put that wall up. Let them rot there, instead of unleashing their prejudices onto an innocent date.
But, by exposing their limitations/bigotry, they are giving fair warning to others to not bother with them at all. Truth in packaging so to speak.
If they are intimidated into not openly stating their bigotry, do you think it will really change, or just go underground? Then more people will waste their own time, get their feelings hurt too.

In nature, terrible-tasting and/or dangerous creatures often have blatant warning signs.
The wise give them a wide berth.
Like Maya Angelou said: “ people will tell you who they are. Believe them.
Like when I see a MAGA hat, I’m not going to engage, not even a little. It’s only going downhill from there anyway…. Many are spoiling for a fight! They’re losers who feel shorted for what they think they’re entitled to. Blaming the wrong people. Life is too short to waste on those silly arguments.

It’s not my obligation to fix a fool.

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