Save Seattle Music Nov 14, 2022 at 1:49 pm

The State of the Seattle Music Community From Talent Buyers' Perspective

Fans gather outside Neumos, after the club opened post-COVID lockdown. Photo by Jeffrey Martin/Design by Anthony Keo



Did you ask the club owners about odious service fees? Want to see the show at the Croc tonight? Tickets are $22, with a $9.79 service fee. That's nearly 50%. What the fuck?


As the pandemic lingered, I kept hoping that clubs and bands would stream performances for those of us too far away in distance or demographic to feel comfortable attending. Even once a week would be a thrill. Charge us half price or something. I miss shows, but I've got long covid already and am on headphone patrol at home for the foreseeable. Thanks for the good articles.


Perhaps some of the slowdown is due to the following --

1) A lot of healthy folks in Seattle have been unnecessarily freaked-the-fuck-out by COVID.

2) Massive amounts of small businesses and jobs vanished after their customers stopped going to work and participating in downtown activities.

3) Since so few folks still work downtown, the streets are not as safe as they used to be, and a lot of women and/or unarmed men choose not venture out on their own with shootings/stabbings happening every other night.

4) A lot of bookings and concert promo was being made based on artist's skin color, as opposed to their talent, or for what attendees with more money to spare enjoy listing to.

5) Ticket service fees, automatic tips on meals/drinks, parking, fuel, drinks and food prices have gone up too much. More private pre-funking and BYOB happening.

6) UBER/Lyft prices are double or triple what they were in 2019, and no more car sharing.

7) Seattle was getting too expensive for a lot of younger folks before COVID, unless in tech, and a lot of those peeps have moved on after their enhanced unemployment ran out. And tech contractors have been getting laid-off for several months already.

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