Why is it always men that are into foot fetishes?

And speaking of feet, a woman has a pair of fetish shoes that no longer fit. She wants to make sure they go to a loving home, but how?

Our guest this week is Peter McGraw, author of Solo: Building a Remarkable Life of your Own. In this antidote to Valentine’s Day, Dan and Peter talk about how and why more people are choosing to be single these days. We should perhaps give up on the outdated idea that happiness must be bundled with monogamous, long-term partnership. This is a great conversation—some of it is on the Micro, and all of it is on the Magnum.

And, ever since they had their baby, a man and his wife only have sex in the shower. It’s become so routine, he’s beginning to dread sex. How can he get his wife to agree to something new?

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