A 27-year-old divorced woman goes to bars and picks up both men and women. She prefers them to be at least 10 years older because (as everyone knows) they are better in bed. How can she find people in this age range, and keep their attention?

A young, gay hottie hasn’t had sex in two years because he wants more of a connection than casual hook-ups. But when he does connect, he loses interest quickly. How can he get over his analysis paralysis?

Our guest this week is Molly Roden Winter, author of MORE: A Memoir of Open Marriage. She and Dan talk about how our society loses its mind at the thought of women (and especially mothers) exercising sexual autonomy. They talk about the challenges and benefits of polyamory and how to overcome jealousy. A little is on the Micro and the whole thing is on the Magnum.

A woman with some kind of special sauce keeps making all the men fall in love with her! She clearly states from the very first date that she isn’t looking for commitment. But they cling and they cling. What is she doing wrong?