A woman’s boyfriend wants her to play with his ass. But she doesn’t know where to begin. Fingers? Tongue? What should she do down there?

A woman keeps getting harassed by men in cars jacking it and watching her creepily. What can she do in these unpleasant moments?

On the Magnum, Dan chats with journalist Ben Ryan about the effects of PrEP in gay sex culture. As DAN PREDICTED, with the rise of PrEP use, HIV infections plummeted, but other STIs are on the rise. Are condoms dead? Not so fast.

Finally, a lesbian couple is planning to have children. First one will carry the baby, then it will be the other one’s turn for the second child. The mother of the woman who will carry the first baby blurted out that she was excited to be the bio grandmother. The non-bio mom-to-be was offended, and she doesn’t know how to let it go. When they have their second child will the grandmother love the child as much?

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