I thought shitler's 2024 run was a foregone conclusion. Clicked the link relating to it anyway and it's broken. Probably just as well (though I do stand by an earlier comment I made here stating that his sharing a debate stage w/ Pence would have the potential for some comedy gold. The 1/6 hearings revealed that T called P a pussy. I mean, if he did that on a nationally televised debate stage, I might have to consider biting my tongue and voting for him.)





@1 Barring health problems or the increasingly unlikely event of actual legal trouble, I suspect Trump will run if he thinks the nomination will be a cakewalk. If DeSantis or someone else shows signs of putting up a real fight, then probably not. I don't think he has it in him to repeat the bare-knuckle brawl that was 2016.

I wish the Tacoma Almanac every success, but I'm sorry: If you don't publish, you're not a "weekly" (alt- or otherwise). You're an online news source, which is a related but different animal.


You might want to research who the Spady family gives your burger money to before you deem them "allies."


Diaz Love should get absolutely nothing from the city or state. She was standing in the middle of the goddamn freeway without authorization and of her own accord. That entails certain risks, and she should bear them herself.

Of course, with the dumbasses in government around here, they'll probably settle for a few million of taxpayer money. It's not like we need that for any civic priorities or anything.


@ 1,
$hitler is gonna run again to keep the grift going because he has scammed over $250 million off his MAGAt cult--destroying America is so lucrative!
He also needs to win the presidency to ensure that he stays out of prison. Yep, that's where we're at as a KKKountry.

At least we can all agree that the MAGAts should hang Mike Dense. It's funny since he notoriously wanted to hang all gay people, and now he deservedly knows exactly what it feels like to be on the receiving end of that sentiment.


@6 - I don't agree that Mike Pence should be hung.


@OA -- having 'republicans'
Annihilate Themselves is actually
part of trumpfy's 'plan.' I say let 'em hang each other

we'll kick back and watch
like the Po-po at a
Beat Down


@8 -- Biden's the Centrist
seven million more Americans
Voted for vs. the Pond Scum that
slithered into the WH & may soon slither
back. you can bet your bottom dollar he'll start
a Revolution should he happen to be the Nominee

if he Loses.
if trumpf 'wins'
it's 1930s Germany
and the Proudest Boys are
gonna be trumpfy's Orange Shirts.

and our Whistleblowers
ARE our Heroes



@1, Supposedly, the republicans are not going to debate, as per the RNC, unless the no debate dictum was meant for the general election campaign, so they wouldn't have to let on their plans to cut or eliminate social security and medicare and enact a federal ban on abortion.

@3, as far as legal trouble for Trump, keep an eye on the Fani Willis investigation and the grand jury in Fulton County. She has supposedly promised to prosecute Trump if the grand jury finds sufficient evidence from Trump's tape recorded ask for more votes. I can't say for sure that this will be successful, but the guilt is glaring, and she, unlike Garland, is not prevaricating in her desire to move forward with an indictment against Trump if the facts warrant such action.


@10: I think Trump will fizzle out and a classic Republican will win the nomination and return the GOP to polite society.


@12 because the GOP primary electorate has behaved so reasonably in the last 5 years? your crack pipe needs a refill. DJTJ is waiting in the wings too.


@13: Possible, yes. Probable, no. That comment was out of desperation from exasperation.

But stranger things have occurred in American politics. It's still a long way off to 2024.


gosh dewey-eyed dewey
you Trust the gop to
return US to polite
society? good

whilst they Rape
Mother Nature and
FORCE all Womenfolk
into Hand Maidens breed
stock 'free' Baby Sitters nursemaids
Nurses housewifery and the Fuck OUTTA
MEN'S BUSINESS -- which is ALL Business
are you Kidding me? -- it's fucking Adorable
that you think that's what "polite Society" ought-
ta fucking BE. well at Least you don't Fucking cuss.

that oughtta
Even shit



oh and the gop
also has a Plan for
those Un-gender Con-
fucking Forming. it will NOT
be Pretty your gop 'Polite Society'

but you already
Knew that.

best of Luck


You're so tedious Kristo. Always claiming to be the one in the crow's nest scouting for fascism, preaching to choir, intolerant of nuance or satire. Essentially boring but with a flair for creative script, we give you that.


from Trash to
Creative. well
I'll fucking
Take it

you critique me
I critique your

musta been
a Direct


Kreidler might be a decent chap in his personal life, though it doesn’t sound like he is. He does seem to be the poster boy for not keeping someone in office (particulary someone that high up on the organizational chart) too very long. I can’t get too uppity about him being a jerk because I can imagine if I were in his shoes, I might start imagining a crown on my head as well. Term limits don’t work, the argument goes, because you have to be in office a long time to build a power base. Otherwise, no substantive legislation can ever get done. I don’t know about that. I’ve seen some good guys have to go home, but on the other hand, we’ve all seen some old monsters, still in office, making change very difficult or worse, passing terrible bills, who should be grazing in the meadow on the family farm. I can’t speak for the framers, but I have a pretty strong notion that their intent was that people in service to the country or state should serve their two, four, six, or even eight years in office, then go the fuck home. Public service is a duty, not a career.

There really is no such thing as a cheap burger.

I’m still embarrassed about it. In 1985, I moved to Galveston for a medical job. Galveston is an interesting city. First of all, there’s the hurricanes both past and present that kept this boy pretty tense from June until October. There was always some storm system moving into the Gulf. Native Galvestonians were calmer about it. Also,they always seemed sort of insular. It has probably changed since I was there, but then everyone pretty much stuck to their own social or ethnic group. It was a challenge making friends. There was also a mystique to the people in Galveston not unlike the folk in New Orleans or the Gullah Geechee. Friendly, kind, and fun, but unless you were born on the island (“BOI”), you were always going to be an outsider. The city’s African-American population is under 20% of the total, but it seems higher because its cultural heritage is woven into most everything. I remember my first Juneteeth celebration there. Didn’t have a clue what Juneteeth was and I’d had lots of history in school. Lots. And there I was in the cradle of it all. So, ashamed then. Aware now. Happy Day to all.

Orange Man himself might give it another go? Oh honey, please. He’s already bought the red, white, and blue dildo he plans to use on his eastern European ice queen wife – who probably hasn’t seen him since the last day at the White House – on Inauguration night. Here’s hoping he’s in the penitentiary by then. – or Atascadero. Shiver.

Fathers’ Day fills me with ambivalence. My father could be a huge jerk, was sometimes physically brutal, yet took the family on some rather nice vacations (back when people could afford vacations) and was great with dogs. Do wish he hadn’t fucked around quite so much. That shit made my mother crazy. To the three of you out there who came from normal homes, enjoy the picnic.


'I think Trump will fizzle out and a classic Republican will win the nomination and return the GOP to polite society.'

raindrop on June 18, 2022
at 11:30 AM Report this
well I Should


@17 -- your tentsy imitation's okay
but next time try it from a different
Perspective -- hell even he's discov-
ered his Funny Bone. maybe you 2?


Speaking of Trump fizzle out, the GOP high rollers are starting to move $$$$ to DeSantis in the belief that the legal trouble, the 1/6 committee and Trump's mercurial temperament doesn't bode well for 2024....So they're looking for the smarter fascist.


The Federalist Society spent 20 years waiting to pack the Supreme Court. The GOP is not going to do anything ‘nice’ once in power.
The GOP will control national politics with an iron hand- ruling coast to coast - except for our 3 pacific states, and the Northeast.



Yeah, the always wonderful New Yorker radio hour did a relatively short profile of Desantis this week and it's worth a listen.

I guess I could even see Trump opting out and deferring the presidential nom to him, if only to project his fragile ego and avoid the potential embarrassment of a primary loss, particularly since it'd be so much more difficult to claim fraud in the wake of a loss to a fellow RWNJ. And Trump could easily lose that primary, as Desantis comes off as far more cogent and even reasonably well spoken, all while espousing the same shit-brained ideology.

What a shitshow.


*protect, that fragile ego that should read, of course


from Democracy Now

Idaho to Bay Area: White
Supremacists Violently Target Pride
Events, Egged on by Right-Wing Media

In a Pride Month celebration and address at the White House Wednesday, President Biden announced several executive actions to address a slew of state-level discriminatory laws in Republican-led states that target the rights of LGBTQ+ children and adults.

The orders seek to discourage so-called conversion therapy, a discredited practice to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity, and also aim to promote gender-affirming surgery and expand foster care protections for gay and transgender parents and children.

In a ceremony in the East Room, President Biden said he was moved to take action to prevent what he called “hateful attacks” by Republican governors and lawmakers.

here's your gop's
return to polite

THIS is what you Pine for?



@26 - So sad that you start your days ruminating over racism, homophobia, fascism, etc. I hold off at least until I start watching Morning Joe or Fox and Friends.


back on
ME. why?

oh cuz
you have
no rebuttal
other than to be judge
mental and Heavily on the latter

must be all
the FOX

listen to it at

it's Truly the only way
it can burrow it's way
into the Reptilican

if you're not SCREAMING
you're obviously Not listening:
it really gets one In The Mood

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