Members of Congress sitting quietly hoping America cares more about democracy than the price of gas Pool



Inflation is a very inaccurate way to describe corporate price gouging and crises exploitation.


"The most audible reaction in the room came when Cheney relayed testimony that Trump had said, 'And maybe our supporters have the right idea, Mike Pence deserves it,' after hearing that the mob was chanting 'hang Mike Pence.'"
--from Will's referenced Vox article

'hang the fucking VP'
head's Up MAGAts
trumpfy Eats his
Disciples for

mind that Bus.

*how many Flushes
will You rate?


Anyone caught using FaceBorg for any reason should be immediately retired from current employment. Keeping those cranky olds on payrolls just gums up the promotion paths for less-gullible youngsters.


Funny how in all the hysterical coverage of inflation, the media never mentions the hyperinflation of the incomes, assets, and wealth of Plantation America’s greedy, sociopathic, ruling oligarchs via the record profits of the corporations that they own.

Plenty of people are working harder and making more money than ever while still falling further and further behind.

That’s what it means to live in a kleptocracy.


oops comment counter's
busted (yet!) again

Fla Gubernor DeSatanist
'teaching' that Baby to read
'trumpf' and coming up with
MAGAt is precisely how he'll
have FL teachers teach -- thru
His Faith and HIS Faith alone 'cause
the 'Truth' will only imprison your Mind
but with Faith one can be made to Believe
in Anything but mostly in the Reich's Alternate Facts

and there lies Freedom.


I don't understand how the City bears a half million dollars of responsibility for Lorenzo Anderson's death. Police searching or not searching for the murderer afterwards was irrelevant. Anderson was dead.


Is it not an authoritarian wish to unplug Facebook?


As I see it, generally speaking, the reason why the United States is circling the drain is because its people have lost faith in the government’s ability to act and respond. Congress is out of touch, and its members are mostly in it for themselves. At least that’s what I hear all the time.

It pains me to say that. Only a few years ago I had all kinds of hope, but it is so clear now that there is such treachery, callousness, and gamesmanship in both houses, that I can’t see an inside remedy. I fervently hope someone else can. I fervently hope because I love my county and I want to see it survive.

For any number of reasons, this country has allowed many of its people to grow up proudly stupid and totally self-absorbed. Education is shunned. Television, which is a public service by law and was supposed to be the great arts and public affairs educator, has become a cesspool of non-reality reality shows that personify banality and vulgarity. In daily life, there is no bottom limit on acceptable standards of behavior. It’s cooler to carry heat than to work for peace. We are simply to step over or drive by families, children turned out onto the street. We’ve lost sight of what grace is. We are fresh out of compassion.

This is the miasma that was ripe for someone like Donald Trump to move in and thereby romance his growing flock of cold, empty people. But instead of correcting or altering this horror, many people want to see it extended. It’s good for business.

Have a nice weekend.


so cancelling Fascism
Is fascism? omg
who Knew?!


@8 -- Relax already
it's just Unbridled

made so by those
Clever Enough to
write the Laws in
their Own Image
and To Hell with
those 'Bottom'

& WHOM do they*
even Think they ARE?!

*the little people
wtf can we not
Silence them


The word facism has become so overplayed as to have lost all meaning. Essentially anything the progressives don't like now is facism. The general public has learned to tune it out.

@1 So all these price increases are really just a corporate conspiracy and has nothing do with the record amount of money that was flooded into the market when the Biden administration took office? It seems very coincidental that those things lined up. If corporations could have been doing this all along why wait until now? Do you remember when Obama was in office and we had supposedly reached "peak oil", gas never got above $5 at that time. If the dems refuse to own inflation they are going to get their asses handed to them in Nov.


with the new web overhaul
it looks like you finally
killed the slog
nice work


oh, now
i see what's up
you have to post
to see all the other posts


and in other news, the news is not all that good
in face, you could say the news fucking sucks ass
yes, it fucking sucks as, all the news of the day
but what are you gonna do, i guess we're all
kinda fucked
yeah, fucked
balls, balls


Thank you, blip.

I have also come across a definition in which state and corporate power come together to do that shit, so the alliance with media such as Fox is also part of the fascism.


@15/16 why the need to label it at all? Younger generations only know Facism is bad but rarely can tell you how to recognize it or what it means. What happened was extraordinarily bad and decribing it with language without relying on nebulous labels is much more effective to communicate the point. I never really understood the need for progressive to apply labels to things. If you can’t communicate something succinctly than you are probably full of shit.


fascism is *corporate
control of the state

and kids these Days
can see 'the fruits'
of unhinged Cap-
italism all over
the Streets of

and in hospital Waiting Rooms
whilst the un- and under-
insured Pray for some
kind of Medical Care
which won't leave
Them on the
Streets of
this the
in the History
of the fucking Planet:

(unless they're Biblically-
and/or home-

then they Love
our precious Billionaires
cuz they've been Carefully Taught)

*UN-Elected &
answerable SOLELY
to a Board of Directors &
insatiable Shareholders likely
Hoping and Praying for Armageddon


oh and look no Further
than the teevee tonite
to see how Fascists
wanna 'govern'

it'll be right fucking
there and all in
plain fucking


Delightfully serendipitous when a comment unknowingly proves the point of the preceding comment.


Hey SLOG IT Nerds:

When the comment tabulation says their are 14 comments, and you click to find ZERO on the page, you have a fucking problem.

Fix it, or go back to the old platform/iteration. This appears to be an ongoing issue, so clearly you don't have control over whatever janky code you wrote to "update" the site.


Oh, I see. The comments only appear AFTER you write the complaint post... Yeah, that's totally acceptable, sure...


"....structural damage to the plinths supporting the track over I-90's floating bridge...."
Well! I mean, if you can't take care of your plinths, what's this world coming to?

"...father...shot within CHOP...$500,000 in exchange for...death suit.....if only someone could find a way to hold any of them accountable..."
Just how stupid or gullible ARE the writers & staff at SLOG? These suits have NO merit. The $500K is because the city can spend $2M just talking to lawyers about the POSSIBILITY of going to trial.
Can't people get it through their heads that the truth about George Floyd is he was a junkie involved in an organized criminal scam to pass counterfeit money to buy drugs, who died because of the combined effects of restraint & the drugs in his system when he VIOLENTLY resisted arrest. IMHO, in this same way, the $29M settlement was because Al Sharpton & Co were able to extort it from MPLS via the threat of the other local junkies burning the city down. Chauvin was part of the tableau as was the unbelievable performance by the Minneapolis PD trying to save their own asses by throwing Chauvin under the largest bus they could drive.
Again I point to the phony outrage over the 1994 crime bill. People need to look up the list of black ministers (Two-thirds of the Black Congressional Caucus incl Mfume & Rangel, 58% of the black population, The 10 big-city black mayors, 41 of the most prominent black ministers ( necessarily authoritative, but representative)) who supported.....ney, DEMANDED the 'hated' 1994 Crime Bill. All those young black men who went to jail were put there by their own community's disgust at their own drug fueled behavior. (Which is not to say that Obama wasn't right to let them out.)

@3, "...less-gullible youngsters."
Now THAT'S really funny. As you age you'll realize that the expression, "I'm becoming my father." isn't accurate. More correct is, "I am my father."

@4, "That’s what it means to live in a kleptocracy."
Again, not quite correct. It's not become a kleptocracy. It's just still the same, old plantation. It's the same slavery as before but we just don't recognize it. Donations by Bill Gates, Mike Bloomberg et al to finance gold plated chains for the slaves have replaced the whips & chains of old. Work like a slave for 60 hours per week and we'll let you go to the opera 3 times a year.

@6, What he said.

@8, 1. Be extremely suspicious of "what you hear all the time".
2. Sadly the only remedy is eternal vigilance. That's why the unionist slogan is & has been for decades, "The struggle continues."
3. Your third paragraph shows great understanding of the problem.
4. Substitute 'Adolph Hitler' for 'Donald Trump' in your 4th paragraph. It's the same story. Churchill was right about those who don't study history being doomed to repeat it.

@11, You have an extremely short memory if you think the money of the last 2 years has caused the current inflation. The Repubs have been screaming since Clinton that money causes inflation (and it didn't). And as to things lining up, I've got a story for that: Stock brokers love to play a variation of this game: Send out 1000 letters, half saying IBM is going up & half saying IBM is going down. If IBM goes up, send out 500 letters to the winners, half saying AT&T is going up & half saying AT&T is going down. Do that 4 times & at the end you have 125 people who will give you ALL their money for you to do ANYTHING!!

@15, You should get together with @3 for the Bumpkin Award! Fascism has a very definite & exact definition. I'll make it easy for you: Nationalsozialismus (Nazism) was Germany's local brand of Fascism. It means our nationality/race is better than any other race which allows us to eliminate/enslave all other nationalities/races. Try a dictionary once and a while.

@17, " I never really understood the need for progressive to apply labels to things."
Possible problem with language skills? Language clarity helps with clarity of thought.


@20, 21, When you go to the comments & find none, click the button & send a blank comment with no sender. It will return the page full of comments.

Lord, there are a lot of people on this page who have never looked up the definition of the word Fascism, yet who seem to think they know what it means. Must be lots of those "....less-gullible youngsters."



We have all sorts of words to describe the shit you and your ilk poo-poo; fascism is just one. There's also kleptocracy, authoritarianism, shit-show, neo-Confederacy, oligarchy, idiocracy, et al.

And as any rational, sane person will tell you "correlation is not causation". To answer your question: they waited until a Democrat was in office AND when inflationary pressures prevailed so they could mask their rapaciousness behind a wall of economic instability, because they know the general public doesn't have the intellectual capacity to parse through all the variables that allow them to reap obscene profits during a time like this, and will blindly blame whomever is in power for their personal situation, regardless of whether those people have any actual means or capacity to alter it, and because it works to their advantage to have authoritarians in charge, since they tend to align more with their own Capitalist imperatives.



It doesn't mean the suit has no merit, but rather that the family would probably see very little of any settlement that went to trial, since the legal fees would eat up a substantial amount of it, no matter how much was eventually awarded. So, they cut their losses - not to mention the middlemen - in favor of an amount that, while it probably doesn't come close to compensating them for their loss, at least provides them with something more substantial than they would end up getting otherwise.

As for George Floyd: if any of the spurious accusations you spit out like so much chewing tobacco from a Confederate-loving hayseed had any actual merit, we could have a conversation about that. But, that's NOT why he was detained, and most certainly NOT why he was summarily executed by law enforcement officers. We have this fundamental precept here called: "innocent until PROVEN GUILTY", and cops are NOT judges and juries, although apparently they're perfectly comfortable with the "execution" part of that adage.


@24 so two theories here. The government flooded the market with money and that money chasing limited amounts of goods that could not be scaled due to pandemic disruption caused prices to soar or corporations across multiple industries in different geopolitical environments are somehow conspiring together to bilk consumers. I think I know which one I and rational people will believe is true.


Regarding "Seattle's Next Top Police Oversight Official competition narrowed down to four": you call this a "fun little four act play" when there is nothing fun about an absurd charade that has zero effect on the Mayor's choice to be the director of a body that has cops-investigating-cops, a body that has deemed every single SPD murder over the last two decades (that it bothered to investigate) "Lawful and Proper," and has left unpunished 99+% of officers that abused protesters in 2020 sometimes inflicting lifelong damage (with the very few punished given a reprimand or a few days off). The families and loved ones of those abused & killed by SPD see nothing fun, hopeful, or democratic about hiring another person at ~$200K/yr. whose only mission is to create an illusion of police accountability. Look who the mayor hired last time, with the enthusiastic support of the Community Police Commission:


Sure, don’t blame the idiots who took over a section of the city to form the CHOP, purposely did not want the police there, and now those sane folks are complaining that it’s the city’s fault violence broke out and somebody died.

If blood is on the city’s hands, there’s 3x as much on the CHOPers

Good fucking lord, Will. This is why the far left is unelectable.


@6, @22, @25: The SPD abandoned their East Precinct House, creating the lawless sh*t-show that was the CHOP. Lorenzo Anderson entered this lawless zone, got into a dispute with someone he knew but didn't like, who shot him. As there was no police presence, medics refused to enter the CHOP, and so Anderson was brought to hospital in the back of a private vehicle. By the time he received proper medical attention, it was too late.

His father sued because Seattle had not provided the police presence it is legally obligated to provide, a failure which created several factors leading to his son's death. There's really no dispute about any of this, which is why the city settled the suit.


@22: 'As you age you'll realize that the expression, "I'm becoming my father." isn't accurate. More correct is, "I am my father."'

"Luke... I am y-" Oops, soory.

What I meant to write was, yes, it's almost as if I chose those words for a specific effect. Keep trying, you'll get there (or not, but you really should at least make the effort...)


@25, "But, that's NOT why he was detained......." Gee, if not for an organized attempt (two guys distracting the clerks is organized) to pass counterfeit, then tell me why Floyd was detained.


& in other News:

of White Supremacists Arrested
in Idaho Had Planned to Riot, Authorities Say

Members of the right-wing group Patriot Front who were charged on Saturday were preparing to disrupt a nearby Pride event, according to the police.

The members arrested had come to Idaho from several states, the police said, including Texas, Utah, Colorado, South Dakota, Illinois, Wyoming, Washington, Oregon and Virginia. At least one of the members lived in Idaho, the authorities said.

by Daniel Walters; June 12, 2022


WHAT 'fascists'?
musta been
in Dis-

and however 'Gay'
they may BE

comin' for YOU.

[stolen verbatim
from Schlog PM]


the Fascist insurrectionists
Hearing is slated for 7am
Pacific time watch what's
in store for our home-
grown terrorists and
the Totally Fake
'prez' who Re-
fused to step
the fuck

the USOFA survived the Fascist Takeover
this time will we be so Lucky the next?

prolly Not with a more-competent
Fascist atop the greedy olde
patriarchy's ticket

good Luck


one more
from prolly
America's Best:

Will the GOP Embrace White Supremacy & Fascism, or Go Back to Being the Party of the Rich?

If the GOP doubles down on fascism & racism, Lincoln’s “last, best hope for Earth” will rest in the hands of the European Union and America will become unrecognizable

[President John] Kennedy’s advice to both the GOP and the American people was straightforward:

“So let us not heed these counsels of fear and suspicion. … Let us…devote less energy to organizing armed bands of civilian guerrillas that are more likely to supply local vigilantes than national vigilance. Let our patriotism be reflected in the creation of confidence in one another, rather than in crusades of suspicion.”

The GOP, in one of the great and tragic mistakes of history, ignored him.

They doubled down on racial hatred and promoting suspicion of Americans against each other, culminating with Richard Nixon’s infamous “Southern Strategy” of 1968 and his subsequent War on Drugs that focused on anti-war protestors and Black activists.

White supremacist preachers like Jerry Falwell became a force in the GOP, an anti-woman faction went public with Limbaugh’s proclamation of “Femanazis in the Democrat Party,” and a plethora of conspiracy groups formed, most recently the Qanon cult.

We’ve now seen where the use of fear and hate as a political tool by Republicans has led America:

*Mass shootings stalk the land but Republicans refuse to remove from our streets the weapons of war beloved by their white supremacist militias.

*Republican politicians purge Black voters en masse from voting rolls with the 2018 blessing of five Republicans on the Supreme Court.

*The Supreme Court and Republican politicians from coast-to-coast are hell-bent on inserting themselves between women and their doctors.

*A Republican president assembled a small army to storm the US Capitol to assassinate the Vice President and Speaker of the House so he could retain power, despite losing the 2020 election by 7 million votes.

*Armed vigilantes are now the number one terror threat in the United States; of all the politically motivated murders that happened here last year, 91% were committed by people affiliated with rightwing extremism; only 3% could be traced to Islamic extremism and 6% to “left wing” extremism including anarchists and Black nationalists.

tonnes more at

yeah kids these days
how could they
Possibly know
what Fascism

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