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Being a Republican is an abnormal lifestyle choice.


@1 Well-done, sir! Congratulations.

Self-hating closet cases tend to make things worse for everyone, yes. (And that's probably the least-offensive type of Texas GOP member.)


@1: Except if you're a classic Republican, like me.


I understand Texas wants to secede. Good luck with that, Please, take Florida with you. Let the progressives move to more sympathetic states and see how you survive.


@3 The only problem with that is that the "classic Republican" party no longer exists. Sure, there are a couple of people out there (eg Liz Cheney), but they're rapidly getting voted out of office or drinking the Kool Aid. What do you do if there's no "classic Republicans" to vote for anymore?


Good ole Multinational
Corporations utilzing their
massive Wealth to socially-
Engineer the Citizenry -- okay
verizono! fascists don't continence
Different Folk and they'd rather you'd
just Disappear if not Now then soon please

but Corps-shaming
gotta Love it!

so how on Earth can one
shame the shameless?
I realize they're peeps
Too dammit but shit
rolls Off 'em like
butter on a
Hot date

what's that you say?


We need A People's Corporation llc
lol and then we just Out-Bid the
fuckers and get the gubba-
mint we surely fuck-
ing Deserve.


@5: In such cases the only alternative is to vote for the democrat, icky as that may be.


There are other light rail systems that run trains at grade level. In Denver RTD runs at grade through Downtown. In San Francisco MUNI runs at grade, Portland's MAX runs at grade, and trains running at grade a re fairly common in Europe, at least in Amsterdam and Vienna.

So how does Sound Transit's accident rate compare to these other system?
If ST has a higher accident rate than the other systems what are the differences.

Is it signage?


Operator Training?

One of the biggest ways that ST can reduce the incidents with pedestrians would be to improve the schedule reliability of ST trains. If a passenger has confidence that the train arrives punctually every 10 minutes they will be less tempted to take risks to catch an approaching train. However if a passenger sees a train coming and is worried that the next train might not arrive for 20 minutes or longer, they might make poor decisions in trying to catch the train.


Amazon and Microsoft are also huge funders of the Republinazi party. They're even worse than the German industrialists of the 1930s that supported Hitler, because we now know that these soulless lying psychopaths cannot be reasoned with and won't stop until they've either killed everyone or they themselves are dead.
Why don't their employees demand that they stop funding the fascists that want to murder us?


fascists don't countenance
Different Folk and they'd rather you'd
just Disappear if not Now then soon please


@10: As are huge funders of the democrats as well. They give to both. Call it a draw and relax.


'Why don't their employees demand that they
[verizon, amazon and microsoft] stop
funding the fascists that
want to murder us?'

why that's a most
Interesting Question

a lettle

what Time?


@ 13,

It's not a "draw;" it's not even close. That's absurd and irrelevant when the abusive, sadistic, illegitimate Republinazi party is actively working to overthrow democracy through violence, voter suppression, gerrymandering, and overturning elections. They're openly planning a dictatorship, and America's greedy, loathsome oligarchs, like Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, the Kochs, the Mercers, the Waltons, et al, and their corporations are cheering them on and showering them with cash, so that they can destroy us.
It's a national death spiral/murder-suicide.


"Call it a draw and relax."

typical fascist behavior:
"Settle DOWN, Honey."

the OR ELSE is
typically Implied.


"It's a national death spiral/murder-suicide"

We'll drown in hyperbole first. Not to say your concerns aren't real, but I prefer level-headed discourse.


Was hoping you’d all get the Juneteenth holiday off!


@18: It's yet another Federal holiday, where small businesses don't have the capital for employees to have additional days off, and contingent staff for large businesses have to get approval to work or else lose a day's pay. In high inflationary times no less.


@8, so you voted for Hillary and Biden, I assume?


@20: Indeed I did. Guilty as charged.


"The Texas GOP has officially declared homosexuality an “abnormal lifestyle choice.”"
There was shocked mention yesterday, I believe on Meet the Press a quite liberal news outlet, that working class blacks & Hispanics are beginning to flock to Trump in droves. Unless I'm mistaken, it's a backlash against PERCEIVED protest excesses.
Haven't the black, LGBTQ, & other minority interest groups yet noticed that a street full of flaming queens flashing their pierced foreskins in a gay pride parade, or a crowd of maniacal, in your face black women screaming that they're going to choke the political process, isn't the most effective way to advance their causes?
While I vote left, I sympathize with the left, and I'm a member of the left, the radical left is handing Trump the white house on a silver platter.

"Seattle’s streets are designed to move vehicles first and to keep people alive second."
Maybe if people would get their heads out of their asses when they cross the street......It's right & good that WA laws so heavily favor the pedestrian. But if you assume that the traffic laws will protect you from the laws of physics when you cross the street rather than looking both ways for the 4000# of steel you're about to step out in front of, it's not the street design that kills you.
If a driver, who is able, doesn't stop for you, they deserve to be crucified. If you step out in front of a vehicle which is so close it's UNABLE to stop, you deserve what you get.


"hard-core conservatism" nyt?

In Ad
Greitens Asks Voters
to Go ‘RINO Hunting’

A right-wing Senate candidate accompanies a squad of heavily armed men as they storm a home looking for ‘Republicans in name only.’

“Join the MAGA crew,” Mr. Greitens, a former Navy SEAL, declares in the ad. “Get a RINO hunting permit. There’s no bagging limit, no tagging limit, and it doesn’t expire until we save our country.”

The ad by Mr. Greitens was just the latest but perhaps most menacing in a long line of Republican campaign ads featuring firearms and seeking to equate hard-core conservatism with the use of deadly weapons.


join the MAGAts
stand back &
Stand By

merrily merrily merrily
we Edge to the



Small and private businesses are welcome to remain open and all of the ones in my busy neighborhood have done so. It's just government and related employees that are enjoying the day off (which is paid, obviously.)


Seattle has used the same pisspoor excuse about lifeguards to completely CLOSE swimming at several beaches: one of the few safely outdoor and free community activities to entire swaths of the city. Like giving the finger to -ewwwww- ordinary families! No profit money to be made here; move along…

I guess parents are going to have to get off their phones and diligently watch their own kids? Don’t think for a minute that they are trained to watch everybody’s kid though. It’s a taught skill.

Sure, Matthews Beach is closed again because of poo in the water, but other beaches are fine! Get the damn lifeguards on duty!! We vote and pay for every park levy. There’s really no excuse if Park Dept had planned for this as a priority.

Pay a decent wage for someone willing and able to SAVE A LIFE and there would be no shortage. It’s utterly incompetence at ‘work’ here.
Families should be hollering and shaming the mayor for such shortsighted priorities.

Could we get Youthcorps to step in? Peace corps? Grant from some billionaire?
Poor little kids! A terrible school year, lousy weather, rampant inflation gripping the family budget, and now we tell them “no swimming for you”?
I’m disgusted and ashamed of the nitwits in this city’s planning departments.


TX booted the Log Cabin Republicans from their platform session but it's probably fine for them in the end since they will still get their tax cuts and dead poor people.


@10 Looks like someone’s got a case of the Mondays.

Yes, Microsoft and Amazon are trying to kill everyone. Sounds like a great business strategy.

If you can’t discuss issues without absurd hyperbole, don’t expect anyone to 1) take you seriously, and 2) think you’re something other than a nut job.


Fuck the Texas GOP. I am genuinely happy they don't vaccinate. Nothing of value will be lost when they all choke on their own fluids or get brain lesions.


@ 27,

Most people remain locked in apathy and denial until it’s too late.



Please, seriously consider self harm. Do not vaccinate. Don't wear a seatbelt. Do random YouTube challenges. Do get your medical advice from Facebook. And if you're ever feeling like there isn't a place for you in this world, you're right.


Let Texas leave the United States like it wants. The $40 BILLION they get from the federal government a year (plus the money they get when there is a natural disaster or their power grid goes out) can be better spent elsewhere. And their 38 electoral college votes can disappear right along with them. Good riddance to bad fucking garbage. Florida can go next. It's time that the fucked up assholes of this country be called on their insane bullshit and forced to do what they keep threatening to do. No one will miss them. No one. All sane people currently living in the state of Texas need to run for their lives. Literally.


Texas Republicans add secession to their platform.

The comments section of above say more (and say it better) than I ever could. Texas would be so royally fucked if they actually seceded. So let them. Let them actually do it (instead of just talking shit and doing nothing) and watch what happens. It would be one of the best things this country ever did (in terms of holding the GOP to their bat shit insane bullshit instead of letting them get away with it like always). Let them do it and see how long they last. Let them do it and once it's done they don't get to return to the United States.


Rock rock Rockaway beach

If Texas succeeds Mexico is gonna want their shit back.


@9 - Did you read the actual article? Or just responding to a blurb about the article? There is a graphic late in the article showing all the information you are postulating about.


@34 -- let us hope their
secession is Successful
and Godspeed* oh &

Remember the Alamo!

*have they any


@35 The "Cause of Collision" graphic does not address how Sound Transit compares to similar systems that also use grade level stations. I did not see mention in the article or, the graphics, comparing Sound Transit's accident rate to that of and Muni, or RTD.


@ 33,

Yeah, however the brutal, violent, deranged, racist kleptocracy of Texass would be armed with nuclear weapons and constantly at war with other countries and American states.

“Sumboddie got a gay marriage in Caleefurnya! Party of Laff—LETS NEWK ‘UM PUSH THU BUTTUN!!!


SF Muni trains run about 5 miles an hour. I don't think we want Sound Transit having to do that. No more fucking at-grade tracks. Ever. Period.


@39 I don't think that's true, at least not with my experience on the N-Judah. Over short distances I can walk 5mph and I know I can't beat the train from one station to the next.

And I know the RTD does not creep through downtown Denver.


@32 They'd only take out the two Senate seats. Since the House is set at 435 members, their seats would be divvied up among the other states, forcing many to redistrict. The good thing is that without Texans in the government, we'd be able to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act after secession but before redistricting to clean up gerrymandering before the next census.


Sadly, Texas is not allowed to secede. At least the Supreme Court already decided that in the 1800s in Texas v. White.
Then again, the Supreme Court is set to destroy every single bit of law of the land, including all previously settled by cases heard by the Supreme Court, so...

Fuck Texas.


Texas police have 3 attributes, 1. Incompetance, 2. Liars, 3. Cowards.


@42: Oh go watch a rerun of Dallas.


Seriously, why should the Texas GOP define how we feel about the whole state? Including the families of slain children in Uvalde?

So sick of geographic bashing when it's just political.


maybe traffic deaths are up because there exists zero consequence, outside of wrecking your vehicle, for being a shitty driver. you can blatantly speed in-front of spd and they won't do shit.
drive 50 up mlk in a 25? all good.
no registration? no worries!
turn signals? for sissies!
no cats and your car is like 100 decibels? well, we did away with emissions checks too so you are good!
burnouts in the intersection? drive it like you stole it, because you did!


"Budget cuts aren't a solution."

... the fuck they aren't?! Matt, what happens when you, a normal citizen bound to the laws of banking and finance, have theoretical expenses that outweigh your income? You cut back. Why the FUCK aren't we expecting our local and state governments to do the same? Sorry, but we don't have the capacity to fulfill that $100mm "pledge" to BIPOC groups with zero financial oversight into where the money goes or who it is helping. Try again next tax cycle.


Obviously the biggest portion of the budget is the SPD.

And the biggest chunk of that is Parking Enforcement Overtime for sworn officers.

Cut that.

All of that.

Let the event providers pay for their own security.


@30, I'm sure you think you get what you want when you send people death wishes, but I'd recommend you'd do better to just explain why you disagree with someone. I haven't the foggiest idea of why you wrote that. Of course I guess it's possible you're just inarticulate & are at a loss to express yourself. If that's the case, you have my deepest & most sincere sympathies.

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