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Public money shouldn't fund private education. Hopefully the Maine ruling will lead to an end to these policies.


and to believe in
Magic. fuck off


"Sound Transit originally announced that all light rail stops would have reduced service, but, after some harsh feedback from train riders, the agency is taking efforts to keep trains running at 10-minute intervals at all stations north of Stadium."

You'll hardly find a stauncher defender of Sound Transit than I, but the fact that Sound Transit was looking at going to 20-minute intervals through the whole line to support this work--even I have to say, that reflects poorly on their values. Isn't the whole point of the system to serve the riders and to give them a non-sucky transportation experience? Shouldn't your first choice be to minimize disruption? Instead, they seemed all too happy to play into the critics' framing that light rail is not a viable alternative to people who need to get somewhere in a reasonable amount of time.

Also, between this episode and the recent Times story about collisions on MLK, we're being reminded all too often what a poor decision it was to run an at-grade segment.


look for below-the-
Bible Belters to totally
De-Fund all Public Schools
and teach the kiddery all 'bout
Jesus who LOVES the Rich because
well they're fucking Rich how can you
NOT Love them? plus it's Totally illegal

magical 'thinking'
gonna get US Arma-
Fucking Geddon plus
a little Rapture -- for 20,000*
so Sorry, the collaterally damaged:

it wasn't about You.

*Very Special


J/6 Committee
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Sounds like it's time to remove religious tax exemptions.

I'm sure the Satanic Temple and Islamic madrassas will have no issues receiving these public funds. Right? Who could possibly oppose?


Private schools are just that - private. Parents pay to have their children attend, which puts most of them out of reach of any but the upper class and the handful of poorz to whom they may offer scholarships as a way of improving their optics. Furthermore, if the private school is run by a tax-exempt religious organization, they don't deserve a single penny in taxpayer subsidy, especially given the fact there is not a single shred of evidence that suggests private schools in general out-perform public schools.


Watch "Sticks And Stones" and "The Closer" on Netflix - all the evidence you need is right there; but I'm guessing you probably already have those on your "favorites" list, amiright?


Is it one specific Rainier Valley station, or all four of them (Mt Baker, Columbia City, Othello, Rainier Beach)?


@8 is correct.

Looking forward to all my cargo shorts arriving tomorrow. Summer!


i'm just here to comment that not having comments yesterday was a breath of fresh air.


If this country is ending the church and state divide, then churches and religious organizations can start paying taxes. If only the rapture would happen and take all of these motherfuckers off the face of the earth.



No, but there is a long history of gun violence in the City of Seattle, going back more than 150 years. Don't act like you don't know this.


Don’t forget the long simmering gang war that’s been happening over the last 3 or 4 years.
A lot of the shootings seem to be related to that.


@16 What does "normal" mean to you? The brief historical period between 2002 and 2016?

It has been way worse. It was worse in the 1980's and 1990's.


In the 1980's Seattle had a reported crime rate of around 1,300 crimes per 100K people. As of April 2022 it was 721 crimes per 100,000 people. That's post pandemic economic disruption.

But anyway I was told electing a republican was going to fix all of Seattle's horrible terrible violent crime?!

I guess we have to elect even more republicans, right? That's what KOMO tells me.


@18: Historical data is interesting, and that's about it.


@20: I walk past tents, raging maniacs, and drugs being shot up all over every day I'm downtown. It is plenty scuzzy, but still pretty safe.

Unless you're a raging maniac shooting up drugs all over in a tent. Then it's plenty dangerous, and that's what the Wallingford shooting will turn out to be: internecine violence among the down and outers.



Paragraph 1: Scuzzy but pretty safe
Paragraph 2: Violence among the down and outers


@20 Well, you would be wrong. I just linked the god damned stats for you. Again. Which you ignore.

And attempting to game your point by cherry picking one neighborhood is utterly meaningless. So what there was two shootings in Wallingford. That doesn't;t prove a fucking thing. Do you know how statistics work?

Nobody says you have to "love" anything, sunshine. No matter how many times you attempt to paint the critics of this stupid Seattle is Dying theme with that brush it doesn't hold.

We are ALL concerned with crime and addiction and homelessness. But we DO about it is what matters.

What do you want to DO about it? Other than constantly breathlessly bitch on The Stranger as if the The Stranger is one making crime happen. Please outline your plan since you seem to think you know how to solve this. Or perhaps just make some attempt to understand your perception of crime and how your fear is manipulated.


Look. Society needs to base its policies on what is actually happening. Not on what you're propaganda claims is happening. Solutions are not simple. And the fact that the current police have "de-policed" the city to force you into a panic so you'll give them everything they want is not going to help.

Anyway. For the fiftieth time, The decline in Seattle crime over time 1988-2012:

PS. Example in Seattle in 1993 alone:
(Note: Seattle 1993 greater metro population 2,351,000; Compared to 2022 population 3,909,000 ):

51 Homicides

Andre L. Dowell 24 1-6-93 Shot Seward Park

Circumstances: Possibly gang-related . Virgil Wenger 68 1-9-93 Beaten S.E. Seattle

Circumstances: Robbery . David Young 43 1-29-93 Stabbed Int. District

Circumstances: Romantic disagreement . Mitsuko Collins 51 2-10-93 Beaten Near Kingdome

Circumstances: Angry former employee . Shigeru Uramatsu 51 2-10-93 Shot Near Kingdome

Circumstances: Angry former employee . James Nicholson 40 2-12-93 Shot S. Seattle

Circumstances: Robbery/drug-related . Elaine Charlie 29 2-15-93 Stabbed Downtown

Circumstances: Tavern fight . Selah Anderson 24 3-2-93 Shot N.E. Seattle

Circumstances: Answered door at home . Leslie Lykes 22 3-6-93 Shot S. Seattle

Circumstances: Drug robbery . Alfred Lee Daniels 38 3-27-93 Stabbed Pioneer Square

Circumstances: Tavern fight . Tony Hendricks 30 3-27-93 Shot Pioneer Square

Circumstances: Tavern fight . Steven Goddard 25 3-27-93 Shot Pioneer Square

Circumstances: Tavern fight . James Credit 22 3-28-93 Shot Pioneer Square

Circumstances: Possibly gang-related . Aisa Cameron 34 4-6-93 Shot Central Area

Circumstances: Drug related . Fernando Pattugalan 31 4-10-93 Stabbed S. Seattle

Circumstances: Unknown motive . John Magee 28 4-11-93 Shot Pioneer Square

Circumstances: Tavern fight . Loetta Coston 9 4-17-93 Shot S. Seattle

Circumstances: Shot in car . Gregory B. Callier 37 4-22-93 Shot Central Area

Circumstances: Argument . Roger Lawhorne 25 4-30-93 Shot Downtown

Circumstances: Police shooting . John H. Marshall 22 5-15-93 Shot Central Area

Circumstances: Possibly gang related . Darryl Taylor 24 5-24-93 Shot S. Seattle

Circumstances: Possibly drug related . Thomas Perkowski 30 6-5-93 Stabbed Capitol Hill

Circumstances: Unknown motive . Nathaniel Vinson 39 6-10-93 Shot S. Seattle

Circumstances: Drug theft . Keith L. Ford 17 6-17-93 Shot S. Seattle

Circumstances: Drug robbery . Phillip S. Hayes 26 6-20-93 Stabbed N.E. Seattle

Circumstances: All-night party . Dennis Oslund 41 6-24-93 Stabbed Pioneer Square

Circumstances: Robbery . Peter R. Badewitz 25 6-25-93 Shot Arboretum

Circumstances: Police shooting . Karl Eckness 39 7-4-93 Shot South Park

Circumstances: Drug-related . Thomas Quaife 52 7-7-93 Shot W. Seattle

Circumstances: Robbery cash/drugs . Mia Zapata 27 7-7-93 Strangled Central Area

Circumstances: Unknown motive . Paul Nguyen 16 7-10-93 Shot S. Seattle

Circumstances: Drive-by shooting . Randy Toangutu 21 7-14-93 Shot S. Seattle

Circumstances: Possibly gang-related . Alane Alice Scott 28 7-19-93 Shot Lower Q.A.

Circumstances: Prostitute/robbery . Robert L. Grace 23 7-24-93 Shot Yesler Terrace

Circumstances: Possibly gang-related . Teryle Hovinga 26 7-29-93 Shot W. Seattle

Circumstances: Traffic dispute . Bunna Ream 17 7-30-93 Shot Int. District

Circumstances: Possibly gang-related . Archie Kennedy 33 8-1-93 Stabbed S. Seattle

Circumstances: Family dispute . Maremma Guzman 48 8-4-93 Shot S. Seattle

Circumstances: Murder-suicide . Lisa Mulholland 19 8-6-93 Drowned Green Lake

Circumstances: In bathtub . Latasha Davis 14 8-8-93 Shot S. Seattle

Circumstances: Dating dispute . Maun Louie 18 8-12-93 Shot S. Seattle

Circumstances: Possibly gang-related . Aleki Keni 21 8-13-93 Shot W. Seattle

Circumstances: Gang crossfire . Katerina Lundemo 32 8-13-93 Shot N.W. Seattle

Circumstances: Murder-suicide . Darryl Roberson 26 8-16-93 Shot S. Seattle

Circumstances: Shot by man in bushes . Sheryl Hernandez 27 8-16-93 Shot W. Seattle

Circumstances: Unknown motive . Connie Munoz 35 8-29-93 Smoke Beacon Hill

Circumstances: Fire, domestic . Rykar Johnson 26 9-3-93 Shot Central Area

Circumstances: Attempted drug buy . Monica Abat 26 9-3-93 Shot Central Area

Circumstances: Attempted drug buy . Emerson Swain 15 9-10-93 Shot S.W. Seattle

Circumstances: Gang-related . Bruce Matthews 23 9-15-93 Shot S. Seattle

Circumstances: Traffic dispute . Barbara Burns 69 9-23-93 Beaten N. Seattle

Circumstances: Found unconscious .

The problem is the Seattle Crime Dashboard does not give you easy statistics before 2008. So everyone's perspective is skewed. But you can FBI stats and you can see Washington State Crime rates and those were occasionally MUCH higher in the past:


Which should give you an indication of spikes and trends. We are the midst of a global pandemic and a national addiction crisis. As a result crime is up EVERYWHERE. your idiotic fear reflex is the same manipulated reflex that get's republicans to blame Biden for inflation as if it could be ties to any one policy or event. None of these trends can. The more you panic and squeal the more you fall into the hands of people wanting to manipulate you.
And guess what? They are not going to solve these problems either.


@18 we don’t have to elect more republicans. We just need to not elect idiots like NTK. The Republican was the lesser of two evils. She won’t solve the crime issues but she won’t further fuck up the city, like NTK would have.

Hope that helps.


Shorter @20:

"I never previously personally experienced any of the terrible, no good, very bad things that are happening now - ergo, they have never happened before."


Have YOU watched them? If not, STFU, because you don't know what you're talking about. If you HAVE watched them, then you're just flat-out lying.

As for Peterson, he's yesterday's fish-and-chips paper, and nobody else here gives two shits about him, excepting yourself of course, so why are you even bringing him up in the context of a post that has absolutely nothing to do with him? Oh, right. Because you think changing the subject will somehow work to your advantage. I mean, it won't, but if fapping yourself silly over him is what you need to get you through your day, by all means. Just keep that dirty ole' sock handy for when it's time to clean up your sad, furtive, will-never-see-the-inside-of-a-human-female jizz.


There's no requirement to use gender neutral pronouns, hence "refusal" doesn't make sense.
Andrew Sullivan is correct in that tweet.


@29: Oops, I overlooked the request by the university to use GNP in the bcc article.



The fact that thousands of journalists and journalistic publications are writing similarly inflammatory and libelous headlines with noting to back it up leads me to believe there's quite likely something to back it up.



So, you had to dig through two solid months of SLOG posts for a justification to toss your "zinger"? (BTW, "tossing a zinger" is going to be my new euphemism for when incels like you fap to your sad little squirt of completion.) Time to get a new "dirty sock", cuz the one you're using now must reek so badly your mom can probably smell it from upstairs.

Also, could you describe how you cherry picked the five particular articles you read to "prove" your point? How many did you read that didn't and had to be discarded from comparison, because they didn't meet your confirmation bias requirement?

Also, also, I guess it's time again for your weekly reminder that "it's just a joke!" and its variations (e.g. "flippant and/or humorous") is universally recognized as the default fall-back position used by bigots who get called out for making bigoted statements...

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