The National Labor Relations Board would like Starbucks to back the fuck off and let workers organize. Sydney Durkin



@1 um ok


the multinational data mining firm
[Magat] will be subject to
oversight from the DOJ."

Damage Done
off destroying the
USOFA to attain Bil-
Lionaire Status, was it

Worth it Zucky?

a few more like him/them
this Planet'll be Toast

Bon Voyage!

@1 -- what?


@1 you are doing a great public service by consistently reminding everyone mental health services are sorely underfunded. thank you.


Bitcoin Bitcoin Bitcoin.
It’s been so long since we talked…



I am sure they appreciate your acknowledgement of their jobs well done.



I'm going to assume you're on vacation, because, if not, being drunk at 8:30 on a Wednesday morning is not a thing of which to be proud.


Whoever stuck that "go back to California" sticker on there must not know Seattle is one of the few cities in the US to ever have had a general strike. Labor organising is more native to the area than that guy.



Most of these yahoos can't remember what they ate for breakfast, let alone be expected to know about something that happened here more than a century ago. Not that that's any excuse, but, it goes without saying that basic research skills, or even mild curiosity, won't be found in their intellectual tool boxes.


Will, I'm sure you don't need a reminder that the Senate hasn't yet accomplished the bare minimum on the Gun Bill - it's not through Cloture, let alone passed, reconciled with a House version (that's sure to be much stronger), or signed. I remain skeptical that any of that will happen.

BTW, the "boyfriend loophole" closure contains an expiration date of 5 years, after which they'll have their gun rights restored.


Would you like a Bitcoin? They're wafer thin.


@ycsu -- whatever are
you gloating about being
right about? I musta missed it


speaking of: Senate Does
Bare Minimum on Guns
there's this:

Supreme Court Ruling
Limits Local Ability to
Restrict Guns Out-
side the Home

The 6-3 decision was based on a broad interpretation of the Second Amendment.

"The Supreme Court on Thursday struck down a New York law that placed strict limits on carrying guns outside the home, saying it was at odds with the Second Amendment."

oh goody -- all these well-armed and dangerous well-regulated Militias of One can now keep all the Peace they desire. welcome to the wild wild west.

thanks McMitch KkKonnel's Court!
gonna end Gayness next? or
dedicate the Womenfolk
solely to Handmaid

so much De-Regulating
to do so damn little



@14 -- oops!

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